How Long Does It Take to Prep & Paint a Porch?

The exterior surfaces of your home are routinely exposed to harsh elements such as rain, direct sunlight, natural deterioration and aging. Your porch is your entryway into your home and the first impression that guests visit. Clean your porch on a regular basis and paint annually to keep it looking like new.

Prepping the Palestinians

Pressure-wash or thoroughly sweep the surface to get rid of dirt, dirt and leaves, and utilize a porch cleaner to remove mold, mildew and other stains. Take your time when prepping the surface that can take a couple of hours to an entire day depending on the size and status of the porch. Let the porch dry for 24 hours before applying paint.

Painting the Porch

The time that it takes to paint a porch is dependent on several factors — the size and status of the porch, just how many people are helping, and the weather conditions. Take your time and apply paint and primer each of the manufacturer’s directions — many porches require two coats of paint. Based on help and the size of your porch, then that will take a day or even an entire weekend to complete. Wait 48 hours before placing plants and furniture back onto it.

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