Houzz Tour: 19th-Century Farmhouse Becomes Home for 5

When she was growing up in her small hometown in Western New York, Susan Duane would push with a beautiful farmhouse just minutes from her home and daydream about what it’d be like to reside. “There was something about it,” she says. “I couldn’t ever really go by without looking at it. I probably said’I love that house’ countless times to anyone who’d listen.” Not long after she got married, the home went up for sale for the very first time in almost 30 decades. Duane and her husband jumped on it, and was able to seal the deal with the owner the very day that they went to go see it.

Now, Duane — who chronicles her home adventures on the site Enjoy of Home — has lived in this home with her husband and 3 children for 12 decades. The home was constructed in 1890, therefore there was a lot of work. But after several big renovations, she’s managed to make her dream house the perfect home.

Susan Duane

The house is very much a traditional farmhouse, therefore Duane stuck with this frame when decorating. As an older home, it consistently has some task that needs a little extra attention. Since Duane and her family have lived here, they’ve replaced the roof, the majority of the windows, the heating, and renovated the kitchen and the fantastic room.

A classic dining table, chairs and armoire painted in a retro-friendly turquoise brightens the backyard. The chalk-painted flowerpots hold fresh herbs for family meals.

Duane loves to visit estate sales and small local stores to locate furniture for her home. A number of the pieces in her house are refinished, such as several beautiful hand-me-downs from her grandparents.

The back porch looks out over the house’s expansive backyard, perfect for Duane’s kids. Since it is enclosed, the distance could be used year round. Duane designated multiple seating areas for optimal after-dinner entertaining.

A porch swing rests with a small dining table and chairs on front porch, inviting visitors to the front entry. A large jute rug is excellent for this transitional space between the indoors and the outdoors.

Traditional Ralph Lauren wallpaper in the dining room suits the house’s 19th-century origins. A crocheted tablecloth out of Duane’s grandmother matches the walllpaper’s tan hue. Duane completed the look of the room using a traditional chandelier and classic art on the walls.

Background: Ralph Lauren
dining table and chairs: Ethan Allen

Susan Duane

Once they moved in, Duane and her husband decided to fully re-do the kitchen. Off-white cabinets with gas have been selected for their classic, farmhouse feel. A personalized hood was designed to blend in with all the cabinets’ design; white beadboard tile was set up on the counter tops, and simple iron lighting fixtures were picked out of a local light shop.

Countertops: Granite
Cabinetry: Kahle’s Kitchen
Backsplash: The Tile Shoppe
Barstools: Ballard Designs

The kitchen space extends into a large living room, which includes this eat-in space. This is where Duane’s family spends most of their time, and where guests often congregate.

The kitchen table and seats have a much more relaxed feel compared to more formal dining room, due in part to Duane’s decision to set a bench on one side of the dining table. The seats are a mix — 2 are new purchases, and 2 are refinished hand-me-downs out of Duane’s grandparents.

Table: Henry & Co..
Bench: Ballard Designs

Susan Duane

The simple, casual living room is more of a sitting area for guests than a place where the family hangs out. A mixture of Pottery Barn furniture and an armchair out of her grandmother gives it a personalized look. A beautiful wool runner around the staircase keeps feet warm and adds a subtle piece of layout.

Chair: Pottery Barn
Chairs: Pottery Barn
Rug: Pottery Barn
Table lamps: Pottery Barn, Target
Chest of drawers: Pottery Barn

Susan Duane

This beautiful wallpaper in the bathroom was already in this room when Duane and her husband purchased the home. A friend found virtually identical fabric at Calico Corners and sewed curtains with gingham trim to provide a little solitude.

Susan Duane

Duane’s son’s bedroom was designed with an increasing boy in mind — it is a room that could easily last him throughout his teens. A subtle blue hue is boyish and flexible, and the vinyl decal can easily be taken down if desired. The bedframe was Duane’s grandfather.

Decal: Etsy

Susan Duane

Like the rest of the home, the master bedroom is a soft mixture of superbly worn pieces and a mild and soothing color palette. A couple dark accents include contrast to the almost all-white space. The bedframe is wooden, but Duane recently made it white to mix with the rest of her bedroom .

Bedframe: Ethan Allen
Bedding: Martha Stewart,Target self-made throw pillows
Armoire: Ethan Allen
Cabinets: Target

A mudroom within the home’s entrance collects your children’s daily odds and ends until they wind up in a pile on the ground. Assigned cubbies and baskets from Target help keep things neat and clean. A window seat provides a place to pull dirty shoes before walking to the house. Duane coated the cushion herself and made the pleated skirt.

Baskets and cushions: Target

Susan Duane

“I love being home more than anywhere else, so I needed it to feel relaxed, cozy and comfortable,” says Duane.

It’s been over a decade because she and her husband first saw the”For Sale” sign on the house, and it’s truly evolved into a home. “I can not imagine being anywhere else. I think it was just meant to be,” she says.

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The Faux Fireplace: A Year-Round Home Accessory

Because I reside in a tropical island, I don’t have any need for a fireplace, but I really like. A fireplace serves as an ideal point within a place because it can be decorated in many ways.

Determined to have the impression of a fireplace during the holidays in my house, I chose to bring a make-believe mantle to my family room. Below are strategies and some examples for implementing a faux fireplace of your own.

The Painted Room

Think about leaving it sporadically, when you find that enviable mantle. This faux fireplace wasn’t painted. Rather, its normal texture of stripped pine brings a rustic aura and patina style into the living room.

Dreamy Whites

For people who wish to put in a faux fireplace which doesn’t catch all the attention, a coat of new paint is going to do just fine. In an all-white scheme like this one, the snowy ring stays silent, employed as a gorgeous base for mementos and ranges.

Dreamy Whites

In a different shot of the identical mantle, we can observe every detail of this item. Itworks with the shabby and rustic.

Cke interior design llc

If the idea of a make-believe fireplace leaves you overlooking the warmth and allure of fire, place candles inside. Add some lighting for a room that is romantic and cozy.

Here is another take on the candlelight thought, where candles are positioned on different levels to add drama.

Hann Builders

Get creative by adding touches of style. Blue tiles adorn an archway within this “hacienda kitchen”

Two Story Cottage

You can fill your chimney with whatever else. A mirror placed inside this tiled fireplace adds measurement and also an unexpected reflection of this room.


A faux fireplace can also frame an interesting accessory, like this seat with books piled onto it. With so many ways to utilize them, I can not wait to have my own faux fireplace. Wish me luck!

Can you get a faux fireplace? Please discuss a picture of it below. I would love to see it!

Ensure Your Fireplace the Focal Point

Design Details: Tiled Fireplace Surrounds

Surround Your Fireplace With Brick, Tile or Stone

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Organizing Trick: Hooks for Hanging Clothes

Years ago, I seen a trendy organizing idea in a buddy’s apartment. She owned a massive collection of jeans, which can be bulky to keep in a dresser drawer. So instead, she chose to hang them metal hooks in her bedroom. The hooks maintained her jeans neatly from the ground, and the row of jeans lining the wall actually looked pretty rad. The chances for hooks are really limitless. Below are some suggestions about the best way best to use a few hooks to help organize your wardrobe.

ZeroEnergy Design

This Shaker-style hook rack generates an orderly place to hang jackets and some sporting gear, while the cubbies give extra storage.

Janice Peters, Distinctive Decor

Some of my baby girl’s clothing are so adorable that I have considered this idea: hang up a couple of favorite dresses. It keeps everything nice and lovely — and the clothes double as wall decor.

Erich Ginder Ghost Antlers – $309

Ghost antler hooks mounted on the wall create a modern spot to hang up your coat.

TIP: Hooks is both functional and decorative. Consider how you need to utilize your hooks until you mount them that will allow you to decide the spacing for a pair of hooks. If you plan to use all of the hooks in a functional fashion, consider the length of time the clothes will hang down so that which doesn’t look jumbled together.

Gast Architects

Mount a lineup of hooks beneath a floating shelf, and you have an instant hook platform for hanging up your clothes and towel as you shower.

LDa Interiors & Architecture

If you do not have a separate mudroom, the best spot to hang a couple hooks is right next to the front door. That way you have a place to drop off your luggage, shoes, and jacket — and also you won’t track dirt via your residence.

Cosmetic Outburst

This colorful iconic Eames hook rack will never go out of style. The hooks display a enjoyable, mod soul whether you’re decorating a child’s room or your front entryway.

Tim Cuppett Architects

Every home doesn’t come complete with a full size Martha-style mudroom. However, you still need a place to hang your hat and coat at the end of a day. Hooks up high and a little bench below create a functional mudroom space from the corner of an entryway.

A system of hooks on your entryway makes it effortless to keep track of hats, hats, and winter accessories.

TIP: Hanging up your gear isn’t just about looking organized. Wet winter hats and scarves will dry out faster if they’re hung up.

This idea works for the kiddos and the grownups: hang up the outfit that you wish to use tomorrow so getting ready in the morning is that much simpler (and faster.) And hanging up your day’s outfit on a pretty hook makes your clothes feel a bit more special.

TIP: For floral hooks similar to the one shown here, have a look at Pier1 Imports.

Cosmetic Outburst

Following is a way to provide your kiddos the organizing bug from the start. Hang the hook rack at their level so that they are easily able to hang up their jackets and hats at the close of the day (all by themselves.)


Bract Hook – Anthropologie.com – $24

This brass hook has a vintage style and would look right at home in a bath, bedroom, or entryway. I like how this pretty hook appears strong — I do not wish to have to be delicate with hanging up my things.


Schoolroom Hook Rack – $88

This really is that wooden rack with the just-right metallic hooks that I’ve seen in so many design books and always adore. Sure, the hook rack isn’t vintage — but who’ll ever know?

More: Produce a Makeshift Mudroom
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Design Approaches: Fabric With Tea and Finishing Furniture

Nightwood has been one of my beloved Brooklyn designers for years. Their furniture blurs the line between rustic and contemporary in a means that appears so harmonious in the home. Recently Nightwood designers Nadia and Myriah are experimenting with the art of moms dying. I’m such a lover — the tea gives the wood and the cloths such a distinctive end. Nightwood recently opened a store in the Williamsburg area of Brooklyn to home their designs. Here is a peek at a few of their tea-dyed pieces.

Would you believe you are able to dye timber with tea? This cupboard showcases the subtle colour effect of tea-dying. Additionally, it is a excellent alternate to paints and stains.

Here are the results of tea-dying fabrics for furniture reupholstery. The effect reminds me of a modern take on tie-dye. I’d really like to embrace this chair!

From afar, you can tell that tea-dyed wood furniture has a unique quieter colorway than other timber furniture. The subtle difference is that it is a little more grey in tone than many unpainted woods.

Up close, you can see that dyeing timber with tea highlights the beauty of the patterns in the timber. This end adds a lovely natural decorative to a room.

Many of the textiles that Nightwood functions with the tea dye treatment today, including these pillows.The tea-dyeing adds a simple wash of colour to the textiles.

Immediate Fix: Refresh Your Furniture with Some Punchy Paint
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Street Smarts: Create Wall Art

At the Brooklyn gourmet provisions shop, Radish, there is an art board for each of the four seasons. Each board features examples of the vegetables and fruits in season today. The growing movement to consume local and eat in-season veggies and fruits has crossed into art in more ways than one. Here, a Couple of favorite examples of art to inspire us to consume what is available at the farmers’ market:

At the Brooklyn gourmet shop, Radish, you are going to find that this huge art board with examples of all the in-season vegetables and fruits.

Here’s a closer shot of this produce wall art. I adore the bright pops of color against the dark background of this board.

Click ahead for more ways to deliver a create theme to your kitchen.


Farmers’ Market 2011 Nasturtium Flower, Hand Printed by YeeHaw – $30

Celebrate the stunning fruits and veggies you may find at the farmers’ market with this retro design print by Yee-Haw.


Summer Fruit Print – $50

Artist Claire Nereim creates amazing prints along with her whimsical drawings of vegetables and fruits. My favorite is her summer print — love the splash of summer colors for all the fruits.


You Pick 5 Single Cards by YeeHaw on Etsy – $20

These farmer’s market cards could easily be framed as wall art. The letterpress examples of fruit and veggies in the farmers’ market would make a wonderful series of mini prints to hang in the kitchen.


Seasonal Vegetables of California by Claire Nereim – $50

Claire Nereim’s calendar takes you through the entire year with seasonal veggies from California featured on each month. What a perfect present for any Californian at heart.


Place of 4 Seasons Tea Towels – $52

Tea towels often have such cool layouts, you could say the towel are usable art to dress up your kitchen. These four seasons tea towels are made by Brooklyn artist Claudia Peterson.


Seasonal Prints by juliaspoppies on Etsy – $35

Here is another artist’s take on prints featuring the fresh produce available. Each print has a different color palette which taps into the vibe of this season.


Winter Fruit Print – $50

Claire Nereim’s Winter art print is too amazing not to discuss, too. (Such as the seasons, it is difficult to select a favorite.) This print includes hand-drawn winter-harvested fruits. So many interesting ones for winter — believe pomegranates, blood oranges, and grapefruits.

Rifle Paper Co..

2012 Fruit Calendar – $16

Artist Anna Bond created this stunning hand-drawn calendar which includes another fruit for every month of this year in her iconic painterly style. I love the rustic jute twine which is included with the calender for hanging it up.


Buy Local Coloring Book – $8

What a novel idea — a coloring book that gives children clues regarding what veggies and fruits are in season and available at your farmer’s market. Children can have fun with it and color a pink eggplant. A webpage out of this coloring book is guaranteed to make the cut art to hang on the refrigerator.


Tomato Poster Hurricane Irene Fundraiser – $25

I wish I’d wall space in my own kitchen for this cool print of all the various greenmarket tomatoes. And the poster really helps a good cause — for each poster purchased, $5 will be donated to Greenmarket’s Hurricane Relief Fund. An estimated 80 percent of Greenmarket farmers have been impacted by the storm, with roughly 10 percent reporting a severe loss of their crop.

More: Easy art setup ideas

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How to Install Steel Pipe Yourself

One of the plumbers tasks that you may need to do yourself is the installation of steel pipe. If you’ve an old home, then there’s a good chance that your galvanized pipe systems need to be extended at some point.

The newer water supply lines are often made from plastic or copper, however, if you need to repair or perhaps extend your galvanized pipe, it may be worth it to use similar materials. Working with steel is not really that difficult, especially if you follow the steps below.

Here are a few steps on how you can install the steel pipe by yourself.

Tap Into Line

First of all, turn off the water line. Tap to the middle of the waterline when there’s no union fitting nearby. Cut through the pipe using a reciprocating saw with a cutting blade made of metal. You can also use a hacksaw for this plumbing service work. Next, unscrew the pipe in both sides of the cut portion.

Wrap Threads

Before you thread a pipe to a fitting, cover the threads with numerous windings of the pipe-thread tape. While the end of the pipe is facing at you, wrap the pipe clockwise. Otherwise, brush the pipe joint compound into the thread of the end of the pipe and in the inside of the fitting.

Tighten Pipes

Twist the pipe or fitting using your hand. If it won’t turn easily, then this could mean that the joint isn’t straight and that the threads are crossed. So go back up and do the process again. Tighten the pipe or fitting firmly with the use of a 14-inch pipe wrench. You might need to use a second wrench in order to secure the adjacent piece on steady.

Prep for Final Section

As soon as the tee fitting of the new line has been installed, attach a nipple and then slip on the nut for the combination, making sure that the threads are in the joint. Apply the tape and then install half of the combination. Set the second half in place and then take measurements for the final section of the steel pipe.

Attach the Final Piece

Next, attach the second half of the combination to the final piece of the steel and install. It’s important that both halves are lined up well so they can be set against each other. Slide the nut up and tighten with your hand. Afterward, tighten the nut completely using a pipe wrench in order to complete the attachment.

How to Install a Dielectric Fitting

Another plumbing repair work that you may also need to learn is how to install a dielectric union. To do this, screw the threaded part into the steel pipe. Before sweating out the brass fitting of the copper pipe, slowly slip the nut and sleeve and then push them far from the heat that the torch produces. As soon as the fitting has been sweated and starts to cool off, join the two parts together. Use groove-joint pliers to tighten the nut.

Color Inspiration From the Mediterranean

Colours of the Mediterranean reflect some of the very best and most interesting facets of this area’s culture and natural environment. Color inspiration stems from the vibrant blue sea that surrounds the Greek isles and the golden yellow tones seen in a Moroccan spice market. The sun-baked clay buildings in Spain and Italy, along with the lush vegetation found in the South of France will also be influences. With so many colors, patterns and textures, Mediterranean interiors are a feast for the eyes and also can spur creativity in your home, wherever you reside.


Venetian plaster is a classic paint finish in Italy and other Mediterranean countries. The original technique involves applying several layers of plaster. Fortunately, now we could purchase acrylic “plaster” for easier application, or we could employ an excellent faux artist! Colours like terra cotta and blue are commonly seen in this wall treatment.

Linda Medina Interior Design

In the outside spice markets in Marrakesh, Morocco, you’ll see an abundance of yellow-gold hues in the form of saffron or cumin. These colors deliver a warm and inviting glow to any room.

Carolyn Chadwick

In Greece, it’s very common to see white houses with shutters and doors adorned with a deep shade of blue. The blue echos the blue skies and sea. Azure is a color that matches many other hues very well and it creates a fantastic, eye-catching exterior color.

See more of the garden in Greece

Terra cotta, umber and ocher represent the rich clay and soil of the Mediterranean. These enveloping hues are fantastic for a foyer, as they’ll give your guests a warm welcome.

Allison Cosmos

This color of the space was probably motivated by bougainvillea, a lively flowering plant seen across the Mediterranean region. Blossoms vary from fuchsia to purple and apricot — all brilliant hues for enjoying dialogue and a fantastic meal.


Bright color combos are a tradition in nations. Influenced by sub-Saharan Africans and Arabs, this region offers a kaleidoscope of hues that work in harmony. If you adore vibrant colors, take your inspiration from this part of earth.

Hann Builders

Striking blue Spanish tiles create a superb focal point in this kitchen that is otherwise neutral. From time to time, a rich color works best in tiny doses.

Moorish tiles are frequently utilized in Spanish and Moroccan interiors. These tiles are very colorful and geometric, and they’re able to add a lot of attention to your property. Look beyond your toilet and kitchen to areas like stairs and laundry rooms.

9 Components of Spanish-Revival Kitchens
10 Favorite Features of Spanish-Revival Style
Get the Look: Mediterranean Courtyard

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Thought of the Week Lights from the Kitchen

The kitchen is among the most difficult rooms to light. Not only are there plenty of nooks and crannies that need to be lit for practicality’s sake, but in addition, it is important to light each working surface for safe and effective cooking. Many kitchens rely on recessed lighting to light countertops and other workspaces. However, several modern kitchens are utilizing daring and striking fixtures to help create a unique atmosphere.

ZeroEnergy Design

In this eco-friendly Massachusetts house, interior designer Lisa Kauffman Tharp installed several pieces of bold lighting from the kitchen. The pendants over the island are stunning — but what really caught our attention were the two-armed wall lighting over the top cabinets. Instead of installing recessed lighting underneath the cabinetry, Tharp decided to provide the kitchen a lofty, almost art-gallery like look.

ZeroEnergy Design

Even though they’re normally employed as wall-mounted lights, Tharp decided to install these fixtures on top of the cabinets. The wiring moved into a gap on top of the cabinetry where the gabled roof stops. These lights not only highlight the cabinetry, but if you pull them forward, they light up the countertops below perfectly.

Watch more of this house in Concord, Mass..

Circa Lighting

Boston Functional Library Two-Arm Wall Light – $420

Available in bronze, polished nickel, antique nickel, and brass, these fittings can only adjust in a downward way — which makes them ideal for this above-counter lighting repair.

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Guest Picks: 20 Finds for Staging Your Home

Readying your home for sale can be a daunting job. After you’ve cleared out any clutter, bringing in a few inexpensive items can include lots of character — the fantastic kind, which is — to your house.

No reason to wait patiently until you’re selling your house though. These finds will include style, whimsy and charm whether you’re moving or not! — Vanessa from Decor Happy


Sisal Chocolate Rug – $29.95

Remove small, utilitarian front door mats in favor of these indoor sisal rugs. They are hard-wearing and fashionable, and most entries can manage the 4′ x 6′ size. I have one in a discontinued blue colour in my foyer and it seems just as great now as it did five years back.

The Home Depot

Outdoor Wall Lantern with Motion Sensor, Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish – $44.97

Replace builder standard outside lighting with these oil rubbed bronze beauties. Flanking front door or front door, that they are sure to make a statement.

Dash & Albert Rug Company

Marina Stripe Indoor/Outdoor Rug – $41

I have long admired Dash and Albert rugs for their routine and colours. These jaunty, striped indoor/outdoor rugs could add character to front porch or portico. Perfect for high traffic areas, they’re scrub-able and hose-able!

The Home Depot

Yada Cube Planter – $44.99

I recently used these planters for a blogger charity backyard makeover and I must say they looked stunning when filled with colorful annuals. They seem weighty, but are made of lightweight fiberglass. Two of these on front porch dripping with crops say,”Come on in and watch the rest of my lovely home!”

West Elm

Textured Ceramic Spheres – $14

Purchasing cheap accessories like these textured balls will include a lot of character to a bookcase or piled together in a massive wood bowl.

West Elm

Cozy Throw – $69

Magazine stylists are fond of placing throws in photos and it is no wonder; these high tech throws add oodles of texture and warmth.

Tonic Living

Flatiron Grass Outdoor Throw Pillow – $29.95

If your couch is looking a bit tired, then wake them up with these picture, chevron pillows in a new, grass shade.


GULLAN BLOM Fabric – $5.99

Once most of your personal photographs are removed, what to do with your bare walls? Cheap fabric like this floral stretched on canvas (available from art supply stores) is a cheap, eye catching solution.


Fairytale of New York Dreamy Travel Photograph by Irene Suchocki – $30

Art can transform a room. I’d hang four similar photograph prints at a grid above a console table in a hallway. Placing them in cheap off-white frames will provide a wonderful contrast to the sepia tones of the photograph.


SOLBRÄND Tablecloth – $14.99

If your dining table has seen better days, cover it up with one of these vibrant, fun tablecloths.


Footed Fruit Basket – $14.95

Green apples in a bowl on the kitchen counter is a common staging tip because it always seems fab. This footed cable bowl is practical and adds vintage charm into a kitchen, and would look amazing piled high with Granny Smiths.


SOCKERÄRT Vase – $24.99

This vase/pitcher will add colour to an all-white kitchen. Grouping it with different vases on a counter or shelf will produce a pleasant statement.

Felt Storage Bin – $24

Soft yet durable, these felt bins may be used to store virtually anything that has to be tidied away — believe papers, toys and odds and ends.


BYHOLMA Basket – $12.99

I picked up a few of these baskets for my daughter’s room to corral all her miniature things that little girls tend to possess. The gray color is a wonderful change and the baskets may be used to house all those important papers that you want at the ready but don’t wish to get out for buyers to view.

West Elm

Stripe Shower Curtain, Citron – $39

Who doesn’t love stripes? This shower curtain with bold yellow stripes is guaranteed to add pizzazz to any toilet.

Pottery Barn

Pearl Embroidered Guest Towels, Set of 2 – $19

I’d whip out these fairly linen/cotton guest towels whenever possible buyers were returning to see the home. Just don’t let anyone use them!

Lee Valley Tools

Spa Hardware – $5.60

Why not replace the hardware on your bathroom vanity with these aqua handles? A little update like this can make your house memorable to buyers, and that is the goal when selling.

Pottery Barn

Grand Embroidered Duvet Cover & Sham – $15

There’s nothing like crispy, white bedding to produce a bedroom feel clean, fresh and calm. Doing away with vibrant cartoon character bedding in children’s rooms in favor of white bedding seems more visually attractive.


GOSA TULPAN Pillow – $11.99

It is surprising how many homeowner’s keep the same cushion for 10+ years. They are usually flat and dead. Invest in four cheap, fluffy pillows to groom your bed, placing two side by side with 2 on top. It is going to immediately seem more put-together.


Two Soft Green Pillows – $48

These throw pillows will add a touch of whimsy as well as the cute element in a child’s room. The cost given is for 2 cushions — can’t beat that!

Next: More guest blogger merchandise picks

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Houzz Tour: Rugged, Modern Florida Getaway

Houzz consumer Nicki Conway knew she wanted her house to be contemporary, and a warm texture to her home was equally as important. With her lot near the shore in Sarasota, Fla., easy transitions between inside and out was vital, too. Conway recruited two natives — architect Peter Hofmann and designer Pam Picozzi — to help her create this setting. Together they came up with a concept that uses warm natural tones and near-seamless connections to outside living areas.

The dining and living areas are contained by 1 room. “I could spend hours in there,” Conway says. “At the end of a very long day, I find myself wanting to unwind and spend the rest of my time in the living space .”

White walls make the couple’s colorful artwork collection stand out. Interior designer Picozzi additionally suggested a warmer colour on the television wall for comparison.

The couch is W. Schillig’s Telluride model, and the coffee table was custom made by a local artisan. The shag carpets throughout the house are from Samson Shag Rugs.

A screened-in porch space extends out from the main living area. Although it seems like this area is enclosed by glass windows, then it’s actually surrounded by metal displays. This exterior room is shut off from the rest of the home by sliding glass doors. A screen door at the end of the patio leads to the outside pool area. Cartagena chairs offer a contemporary option for outdoor furniture.

Ledgestone panels on an accent wall mimic the stone on the wall in the living room, in addition to an outside wall on your garage. This result helps tie the house together and blend the outdoors with the indoors. Durable travertine tile was installed around the pool area.

The exterior paint is a hot white called Greek Villa out of Sherwin Williams. Conway loved the colour so much, she decided to use the same hue on the outside and interior of the house.

The home is located on a plot in a gorgeous section of Sarasota a block in the bay. After discovering this dream lot, Conway recruited builder Phil Torrence of Ridgeland Homes to start the construction procedure.

Travertine tile lines front entrance. The landscape was designed by local landscape architect Lee Alderman. “Some of the landscape choices were our toughest,” Conway says. “Lee really wondered how the landscape and outside space would encourage our lifestyle.”

While the architect originally drew an open kitchen design, Conway insisted on creating the galley-style kitchen independent. “I see a lot of houses where the kitchen is right next to the entryway,” says Conway. “I knew I didn’t want that. I simply don’t enjoy the idea of people walking into my home and visiting the kitchen straight away.”

The kitchen cabinets — plywood boxes and rift cut white oak — were custom made by a local company. Absolute Black granite was selected for its countertops, and a glass tile in a soft ocean blue was installed since the backsplash. Conway discovered the unique pendants on the internet, and the barstools are out of Advanced Interior Design.

Conway made sure the structure of the home was kept simple and streamlined. There’s no crown molding in this house, and no door casings. They did have a simple baseboard designed to safeguard the walls, but it’s hardly noticeable. The table in this breakfast corner has been custom designed by their cabinetmaker. The stools are Kartell Ghost Stools in a punchy red-orange.

The dining area, open into the excellent area, is a fantastic spot for both informal lunches and more formal dinner parties. The Philadelphia Dining Chairs and the Horizon Low Cabinet against the wall are by Callagaris. The chandelier is a unique and eye catching lighting fixture out of Possini.

Like the rest of the house, the bedroom is contemporary, warm, simple and soothing. The ceiling fan is out of Lumens, and a Sevilla Bench is at the foot of the bed.

The bed rests on a contemporary Gamma Platform Bed, while Conway picked out soft but simple bedding from Macy’s Hotel Collection. A soft blue rug in Samson Shag Rugs rests underneath the bed frame. Walnut floors were installed throughout the majority of the home’s living spaces.

Conway picked a NeosTile for the floor and shower partitions in the master bathroom. The identical granite countertops in the kitchen are used in this space, and a Kartell Ghost Seat is tucked underneath to create an easy built-in vanity.

A Warm Take on Mid-Century Modern
Modern or Contemporary: What is the Difference?
Modern Gothic Pool House

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