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DIY Friday: Paint a Dishtowel for Kitchen Colour

Occasionally a fast spruce-up is we will need to make our home feel inviting and fresh. Something as simple as a fresh and colorful kitchen towel can instantly brighten a room. See how a bit of paint, cloth tape and medium may transform fundamental flour sack towels from boring to beautiful.

Flour sack towels are great in the kitchen because of their functionality, but plain white ones don’t add personality or colour to the space. That may be altered by mixing some cloth moderate with your oil paint colour of choice. All of a sudden, you have opened up a universe of possibilities!

To tackle this project you will need to collect:
Flour sack towelsPainter’s tapeSponge brushFabric mediumAcrylic paintSmall bowl for mixing paintScrap bit of cardboard

Start by wrapping your flour sack towel round the bit of cardboard. You’ll want the middle section of the towel to be exposed. The cardboard helps protect your work surface and will keep the paint from bleeding into the other layers of this towel.

Employing the painter’s tape, then create line sections. Be sure that the tape is secured to the towel securely.

Hint: It helps to carry the tape above the work surface, securing the cardboard and towel to the table in order that they can not move around.

Once you’ve created a pattern with the tape, then mix two parts acrylic paint to one part cloth medium in the small mixing bowl.

Use the sponge brush to paint within the lines you created with the tape.

Be sure that the shade is all the way round and reaches the borders of the towel.

When you are done painting, remove the tape carefully. You don’t have to await the paint to dry to remove the tape.

Permit the paint to dry thoroughly (usually a few hours), then heat set it with an iron.

Your embellished flour sack dishtowel may be customized to fit your design aesthetic. If stripes aren’t something, how about polka dots? Chevron? Get creative with your patterns.

These make lovely housewarming gifts.

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