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Street Smarts: Create Wall Art

At the Brooklyn gourmet provisions shop, Radish, there is an art board for each of the four seasons. Each board features examples of the vegetables and fruits in season today. The growing movement to consume local and eat in-season veggies and fruits has crossed into art in more ways than one. Here, a Couple of favorite examples of art to inspire us to consume what is available at the farmers’ market:

At the Brooklyn gourmet shop, Radish, you are going to find that this huge art board with examples of all the in-season vegetables and fruits.

Here’s a closer shot of this produce wall art. I adore the bright pops of color against the dark background of this board.

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Farmers’ Market 2011 Nasturtium Flower, Hand Printed by YeeHaw – $30

Celebrate the stunning fruits and veggies you may find at the farmers’ market with this retro design print by Yee-Haw.


Summer Fruit Print – $50

Artist Claire Nereim creates amazing prints along with her whimsical drawings of vegetables and fruits. My favorite is her summer print — love the splash of summer colors for all the fruits.


You Pick 5 Single Cards by YeeHaw on Etsy – $20

These farmer’s market cards could easily be framed as wall art. The letterpress examples of fruit and veggies in the farmers’ market would make a wonderful series of mini prints to hang in the kitchen.


Seasonal Vegetables of California by Claire Nereim – $50

Claire Nereim’s calendar takes you through the entire year with seasonal veggies from California featured on each month. What a perfect present for any Californian at heart.


Place of 4 Seasons Tea Towels – $52

Tea towels often have such cool layouts, you could say the towel are usable art to dress up your kitchen. These four seasons tea towels are made by Brooklyn artist Claudia Peterson.


Seasonal Prints by juliaspoppies on Etsy – $35

Here is another artist’s take on prints featuring the fresh produce available. Each print has a different color palette which taps into the vibe of this season.


Winter Fruit Print – $50

Claire Nereim’s Winter art print is too amazing not to discuss, too. (Such as the seasons, it is difficult to select a favorite.) This print includes hand-drawn winter-harvested fruits. So many interesting ones for winter — believe pomegranates, blood oranges, and grapefruits.

Rifle Paper Co..

2012 Fruit Calendar – $16

Artist Anna Bond created this stunning hand-drawn calendar which includes another fruit for every month of this year in her iconic painterly style. I love the rustic jute twine which is included with the calender for hanging it up.


Buy Local Coloring Book – $8

What a novel idea — a coloring book that gives children clues regarding what veggies and fruits are in season and available at your farmer’s market. Children can have fun with it and color a pink eggplant. A webpage out of this coloring book is guaranteed to make the cut art to hang on the refrigerator.


Tomato Poster Hurricane Irene Fundraiser – $25

I wish I’d wall space in my own kitchen for this cool print of all the various greenmarket tomatoes. And the poster really helps a good cause — for each poster purchased, $5 will be donated to Greenmarket’s Hurricane Relief Fund. An estimated 80 percent of Greenmarket farmers have been impacted by the storm, with roughly 10 percent reporting a severe loss of their crop.

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