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10 Ways Photos Can Make a Room

Photos are a wonderful way to decorate your walls, whether you are into Richard Misrach, Ansel Adams, Margaret Bourke-White, humorous old photographs found at flea markets or displaying the very best shots you took of your vacation or children. There are endless ways to set and arrange them.


One large-scale photograph. This striking landscape overlooks the walls; the skies, clouds, and top of the tree create a strong effect on the color scheme and disposition of the space.

A triptych. If you are a fan of architecture, a triptych of the three favorite buildings makes for an incredibly pleasing wall. Sizes and the frames of this trio makes them more cohesive.

LUX Design

Using architectural graphics from your favorite city is a great way to tie the subject matter jointly.

TEA2 Architects

Here each individual picture in the triptych features one person.

Shoshana Gosselin

A well-composed wall of smaller photographs. Sticking to black and white and utilizing fitting mats and frames ties together the group, regardless of subject matter.

The makeup here alternates vertical and horizontal orientation. The artwork pops against the paint.

Ian Moore Architects

Produce a very long gallery wall. Here the frames have been wrapped perfectly in a row, highlighting the length of the space. Horizontal lines have been further emphasized by the amount of art lights and the very long console on precisely the exact same wall.

John Lum Architecture, Inc.. AIA

Use a picture railing. This shallow shelf retains photographs lined up perfectly along the floor, while heights vary.

Kevin O’Connor Design

Prop it on the counter. Placing a photo on the counter tops and leaning it against the wall adds style to a minimalist kitchen.

Extend the eye up from the headboard: This very low mattress had something to navigate all of that white space between it and the ceiling. By centering this photograph overhead, a point is created.

Give the essay from rhythm. This room has rhythm from audio, from the timber grain, and from the sculptural acoustic . The arrangement of the photographs on the wall includes a rhythm too.

Vanessa De Vargas

Split the glass block. A big expanse of glass block can be an institutional-looking snooze. Why not break it up ?

Amy Lau Design

Produce a view. Lacking a window over your desk? Think about a large landscape photograph. The width of this work is around the same as that of their desk’s, making the proportions pleasing.

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10 Modern Living Room Design Ideas

There are many rooms in a home but the living room always stands out as the most important one. Even if you are not that kind person who spends hours looking for the perfect décor for your home, at least do so for your living room. It’s the most treasured part of any home and the last thing you want is to leave it looking plain and basic. Well, you don’t really need to do a lot. We have prepared a number of simple and elegant living room décor ideas to help you out.

These ideas are from the top Loveland painters in the market.

Textured White Room

Creating a monotone in any room may seem like a bad idea but as long as you get the formula right, it can be quite amazing. Try to incorporate a lot of texture on a backdrop of white monotones in order to liven things up. A paneled wall with pops of blush tone to accentuate the background will do the trick. The entire backdrop will feel relaxing, cool, and ideal for a nice book read.

Colorful Sofas

We all know that sofas form a big part of the living room design. Well, try mixing up colorful sofa sets with a soothing wall color. It’s a dramatic mix that adds outstanding character to a modern living room design.

Cozy Living Room

Try to stick to lighter more natural colors for the perfect cozy living room design. White, brown, or cream are recommended shades. They add a simple welcoming feeling to the living room in a way that no other color can.

Geometric Lighting

Add an eye-catching light fixture and offset an otherwise neutral space. Lighting does have a way of setting the tone for the entire living room space. Make sure you’ve chosen something elegant and striking.

Minimal Design

When it comes to minimal living room designs, less is in fact more. One statement piece should be enough to liven up the space. Keep everything else simple!

Ornate Living Room

Make a simple statement with an elegant light fixture and a flower piece on the fireplace. Everything else needs to be modern or contemporary.

Artistic Design

Start by keeping everything in the room sleek and uncluttered. Complete the design with a center of attention. Wall art will often have the right visual effect according to painting Loveland, CO.

Dramatic Living Room

Go a little bit off the book with this dramatic design that features oversized marshmallow style couches and additional unique and interestingly shaped furniture pieces.

Wooden Accents

Wood can accentuate and warm up modern colors like white, black, or even concrete. It can also double up as an additional architectural element.

Luxurious Design

Mix up living room textures with luxury metals like brass to bring in a vintage and more luxurious appeal to the overall design. A touch of luxurious fabrics such as warm velvet will do well to finish up the look.

You don’t need to be among the top painting Loveland, CO to create the perfect living room décor. The simple ideas above will be enough.

12 Cabin Chic Bathroom Designs

Have you got fond memories of your family log cabin growing up? Or do you adore the simple country-esque feel of exposed wood in its natural condition? If you are drawn to the appeal of rustic home design, the toilet is the perfect place to start. Whether you want to completely overhaul your toilet into a woodsy escape or simply blend in a few components here and there, then the rustic look will add a stylish, unrefined border reminiscent of a cabin in the woods. Not sure where to start? Take a peek at the following pictures to inspire you to add elements of the outdoors to make your bathroom a personal cabin escape.

Debbie Evans Interior Design

Here the toilet walls are outfitted with bare wooden logs, and the dressing table is designed with tree bark and wood. Even the natural wood door paneling greets you into this rustic retreat.

Ward-Young Architecture & Planning – Truckee, CA

Using its reclaimed wood paneled walls and irregularly cut sink counter tops, this bath pays homage to the au naturale.

Melaragno Design Company, LLC

Use a dark wood, such as this flashed yellow completed with an ebony stain, to get a look as striking as it’s rustic. Finish the look with a simplistic wooden sink.

Birdseye Design

Rustic and contemporary can blend perfectly by producing accent walls in pristine wood. The balance here provides you the very best of the two worlds.

Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs

When it’s not possible to redo your bathroom walls, consider distressing your present cabinetry, or replacing your dressing table with one completed in raw wood. The interesting texture featured in the wood is enough to keep the rest of the toilet design minimal and simple in design.

Spinnaker Development

Hunt around at flea markets or antique markets to get an aged vanity which may already be inherently distressed and choose your walls and flooring accordingly with textured designs to get a cohesive look.

This dressing table takes a different way of polishing by making use of a stone slab. Find one in its normal condition and like the one featured, its textural appeal is going to have you and your guests take pause to respect the natural components.

Get your sink into the mixture by using an obsolete, rusted basin. Even if the rest of the toilet is clean and contemporary, this unique sink will satisfy your rustic craving.

Robert kiejdan

Among the simplest methods to quickly incorporate pastoral hints into your toilet is via accessories. A mirror framed with unfinished wood is going to do the trick.


Based upon the construction of your roofing, you could be able to control your beams to get a rustic touch. The cracks in these beams are a great all-natural complement to the contemporary appeal of the toilet.

Crisp Architects

Or, think about leaving a ray completely exposed to get an unexpected rustic element. No beams in your architecture? Have one custom made and installed into your inside.

Grab the rustic vibe with a shower encased in wooden beams and choose an imperfectly textured rock slab floor to increase the result. It is the perfect rustic cell; one which thankfully lets you go and come as you please.

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Just a Little Jewelry for Your Seat

Most of us want a quick update to our furniture from time to time. And sometimes when you’re purchasing a new bit, that regular chair just does not provide you with the excitement you’re looking for. A perfect way to add some interest for your seating is by including a chair-back pull. Anyone never hurts! Think of a beautiful woman in the perfect dress. Just adding a sparking cocktail ring or beautiful necklace completes off her entire outfit, which makes it appear more expensive. Doesn’t our house deserve just a little accessorizing, also?

Beth Dotolo, ASID, RID, NCIDQ

Chair back pulls can be a remarkably intriguing design element on your typical chair. For instance, I upgraded this art deco seat for a customer utilizing a lion head ring pull that cost less than $20. It’s a fast and effortless way to add style and interest to your seating without spending a great deal of cash.

Studio William Hefner

The chairs in this gorgeous dining room made are more glamorous by their ring pulls. The added metal detail helps produce a balance in substance by tying in these chairs with the shimmer of this chandelier and antiqued mirror.

Chair-back brings are a gorgeous complement to the polished metal nailheads in this exquisite blue and gray dining room.

Michael Fullen Design Group

All these chair-back pulls create an added detail that elevates the kind of the room. Chair-back pulls are more often seen in restaurant settings than in houses, but I see that this trend moving into residential layout.

Patrick J. Baglino, Jr.. Interior Design

My business partner Carolina V. Gentry layouts for the hospitality business, where chair-back pulls can get heavy use. She indicates that when utilizing them in your home, like the ones displayed at the dining room here, they should be for decorative purposes only and not utilized to actually go or pick up the seat.

David Small

If you intend to utilize seat back brings for the functionality of ease in moving your seat, a more permanent alternative may be best for you. Take a peek at these smart chairs; the designer has pierced the seat to make a durable handle.

Rebekah Zaveloff | KitchenLab

Cliffside Polished Nickel Pull – $10.50

If you want to get creative in your home and update your seat on a dime, then you can just add some cabinet hardware into the back of your seat as a decorative element.

Tip: in case you don’t want to reupholster your seat, go with a hardware
alternative that can twist in by the front part of the hardware, like the option displayed here. Also, be aware of the period of your screw in relation to the depth of your seat! The majority of the time a cabinet pull, unlike the one displayed here, is attached by screwing in by the trunk (this way your screws are concealed on the cabinet door and drawer fronts). While that’s perfect for a cabinet, these screws will not be concealed on the opposite side of your seat, unless you can remove the upholstery and also reupholster it after the hardware is installed.

Pottery Barn

Equestrian Horse Door Knocker – $29

You can also get creative and use more decorative door knockers as your chair-back hardware. This horse head part with a decorative horseshoe knocker would be a certain conversation piece!


Lion Head Ring Pull – $19.48

Remember that tiny lion pull on the first picture? Here’s that pull available for purchase.

A chair-back pull can elevate your space and stylize your furniture! After all, it’s the details that can take your space to another level.

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