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Expand Window Design Solutions With Short Curtain Rods

Chalk this up as one of those solutions that is so obvious I can’t believe I’ve never thought of it earlier: extra-short curtain rods. These petite pretties are an ideal fit for a tight wall space, curiously shaped windows and a host of other design problems which produce a complete pole difficult to install. They will not necessarily provide privacy — they’re used more as a decorative finishing touch, decorating a view with floor-to-ceiling texture and color. If you want to display sunlight or prying eyes, you will have to coating them with blinds, shutters, shades or sheers.

There are lots of short curtain rods in a variety of styles on the market. But if a full size model catches your attention, think about using a carpenter or metalsmith cut it down to size.

Where could you use shorter curtain rods in your house? Let us know in the Remarks.

Erika Bonnell Interiors

Arched windows can be difficult to frame with standard drapery rods, but shorter variations in this space work beautifully. They enable continuation of the drapery panels which dress the window, yet are not so long as they seem monolithic.

Paula Grace Designs, Inc..

Abbreviated rods work well in a small area where full-length models might appear overbearing. Here, dangling them right at the ceiling prevents them from getting lost in a field of wall space and visually heightens the room.

Peregrine Design Build

Got a window which reaches the ceiling? Here is the solution. Short striped drapes on small rods add color and volume to what otherwise could be a corner.

Layout By Lisa

Full rods and drapes will not always fit into narrow slivers of distance; these miniature ones permit the panels to remain tightly gatheredout of the way of the windows.

Driggs Designs

This room requires a similar strategy. On long rods the drapes would seem too awkward and laborious.

Shoreline Construction and Development

Sometimes a complete rod simply appears too thick for an airy space similar to this one. These allow for draperies to soften the bank of windows without upsetting the serene balance.

Barnes Vanze Architects, Inc

I adore this solution for dressing up a bay window. Angled rods fit neatly into the corners and play up the design.

Martha O’Hara Interiors

Short rods nimbly bridge the gap between the sliding doors and the small window tucked beside the fireplace .

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Guest Groups: Winter Lights to Ward Off Nights

The months leading up to and away from the winter solstice are the darkest in the year. It’s no wonder that through this year we all string lights combined banisters and lampposts and turn our attention to merrymaking. Here’s an assortment of wintry lights that will brighten up your house when it needs it most. Whether it’s with a crackling flame or a series of cheery lights, may you find ways to remain bright this year and always. — Erin from Reading My Tea Leaves


Star Pendant Chandelier – $176

I have always enjoyed these star pendants as welcoming lights on front porches and in entryways. During the time of year, they are especially cheery.

MCMC Fragrances

Maine Candle – $48

Inspired from the island of North Haven off the coast of Maine, this candle would be only right for long winter nights.


Bonfire Log – $28

This bonfire log could help kick off an outside bonfire or keep building a fire easy in an indoor fireplace.


Vintage Brass Candleholder by Pinch of Paprika – $15.32

As a teen, I had a candlestick like this one alongside my bed. I loved the romance of reading by candlelight.


Rustic Wall Sconce from Worley’s Lighting – $48.50

My couch gets a lot more business in the wintertime than in other seasons. With wooden sconces to read by, I would bring a book and snuggle up for the length.

West Elm

Metallic Cord Set, Copper – $39

I don’t incorporate much metallic into my customary decorating, but a little pop of something shiny might be just right for winter.


Tree Branch Candleholders by Worley’s Lighting – $32.50

This woodsy candle set would be perfect to cozy up a non-working fireplace.


3-D Light Study 2 by A Vibrant Black – $900

Made especially to reflect the light, this piece belongs on a sunny wall to help brighten a small space.


Antique Brass/Gold Pendant

These brass lampshades remind me of Christmas bells. They’d be amazing in December and year long.


Glass-Shade Lamp – $1,280

This lamp is elegant without being fussy. Tucked into a corner, this would make the perfect reading light.


White Birch Forest Lamp, Natural White Birch Wood by Urban+ Forest – $60

A luminous birch log appears to be the perfect antidote to some gloomy day spent inside.

Restoration Hardware

Starry String Lights, Diamond Lights on Silver Wire – $15

These might be the cutest little series lights I have ever noticed. I would be tempted to leave them up all year.


Swedish Snowball Lantern – $68

A snowball lantern is delightful whether or not it is shining. I think it would be especially well suited on top of a fir tree.


Moderate Simple Arrow Tail by Halona Glass – $60

The bead bevels in this light hearted will, as the manufacturer herself says, “make any opinion magnificent.” I think it.


Otis Light, White With Swiveling Walnut Socket by Onefortythree – $185

This swinging wall lamp with a walnut socket is beautiful any time of year, but its bright white and warm wood are especially evocative of wintry snowscapes.


Pleated String Lights by Pigeon Toe Ceramics – $224

The delicate ceramic covers on these very small globe lights are easy and beautiful. I really like them used here: strung up across a broad room.


No. 5 Spruce Soy Wax Candle by Pommes Frites – $15

I had light this candle each evening of December for a soft glow and a wintry odor.


Giant Silver Bowl Clip Clamp Light With Zigzag Cord from Earth Sea Warrior – $115

The little white clamp on this light means it can hang out in whatever corner requires it most.


Vintage Tin Candleholder Clips, Silver by Lazy Days Relics

String lights on Christmas trees and mantels are more practical than candles for lots of reasons, but this pair of classic tin candleholder clips would be beautiful in a carefully attended place.


Himmeli Miniature Light Strand by AMradio

If there’s one thing chilly is good for, it is casting long shadows. This himmeli light strand throws a geometric pattern when it is lit.

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