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Designing Your Kitchen: How to Select a Sink Size

In addition to picking the best material, mounting kind and number of bowls to your kitchen sink, you’ll need to pick from a variety of size options too. An additional kitchen sink will definitely give you more space for food preparation and cleanup, and you might prefer it on the limits of a bigger sink, however bigger sinks typically cost more and will take up precious property in a little kitchen.

Feeling helpless? Don’t worry. I have pulled together kitchens which feature various sink dimensions, along with tips that will assist you figure out the perfect sink size to your own cooking and cleaning requirements.

Carla Aston | Interior Designer

Size your sink into your kitchen. If your kitchen is on the smaller side, consider installing a smaller sink. An oversized, triple-bowl model would have defeated the charming kitchen shown here. This more modest-size single-bowl apron-front sink is large enough to accommodate any kitchen task, but it doesn’t take over the room. Countertop and base cupboard storage areas are likely at a top in a smaller kitchen, therefore a smaller sink may enhance overall function too.

Erica Islas / EMI Interior Design, Inc..

Size your faucet into the window above it. Homeowners often install kitchen sinks underneath windows, rather a window with a wonderful view. However, some homeowners overlook how these two components work together. Now, that’s not to state your window and sink have to coincide with widths exactly, but it might look odd to have a superwide spout set under a skinny window or vice versa.


Size your sink for a focal point. If you choose to go with an extra-wide sink, it’s going to be hard to disguise it. My advice would be to take the reverse strategy and make your broad sink a focal point. Repurpose an interesting salvaged sink or consider an unusual substance, like copper.

Joan Heaton Architects

Size your sink into your budget. This might be evident, but it’s all too easy to fall in love with a massive, stunning, apron-front sink you see on only to discover that it’s priced well above what your budget will allow. Many people can afford to install top-of-the-line materials, fixtures and appliances in a kitchen, so it’s useful to strategize what it is you are going to spend money on and where you could save.

Personally, I’d rather splurge on my countertops or kitchen floor in relation to the sink. In the end, you can find a perfectly nice 20-inch-wide stainless steel undermount sink for under $200. Check out eBay, Craigslist or your local salvage yard or construction material resale shop to get a deal.

Case Design/Remodeling Indy

Size your sink based on what you need. If you’re an avid cook who needs hand washing dishes into running the dishwasher, then a massive divided-bowl sink with an integrated drainboard is a great alternative. The wider sink allows multiple individuals to work at the sink without getting in each other’s way, and that built-in drainboard gets the work of draining and air drying dishes of a wet mess.

A sink that this size will need an extra-wide sink cupboard and will take up quite a little space, so it’s best to get a generous-size kitchen. A sink such as this begins at about $900, whereas a smaller, single-bowl version costs about $400.

Angela Otten; WmOhs Showrooms Inc

Rather than a extra-large double- or triple-bowl sink, think about installing two single-bowl sinks. The bigger sink by the window is excellent for washing large pots and pans, while the smaller prep sink in the island works nicely for hand washing and food prep. Since these sinks have been set aside, a traffic jam in front of the sink is less likely.

Modern home architects

For those who have the space and budget for this, this really is a wonderful set up for a multicook family that does lots of entertaining. Three separate sinks allow several people to work from the kitchen concurrently. Not one of those sinks have to be exceptionally large, but this configuration has got the potential to be expensive because of the duplicate pipes fittings and setup fees.

Pyramid Builders

Fun-size sinks. I adore these linear sinks. While it’d be hard to wash dishes in among these, they work just fine for pulling a glass of water or dumping out abandoned drinks when the party’s over. You could also fill one with ice and stash cold drinks inside, a wonderful option to keeping an unsightly cooler at the kitchen or having guests hunt through your refrigerator for a cold one. Plus it doesn’t take up much space on the counter tops.

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Kitchen of the Week: Warehouse Roots Inspire a Manhattan Loft

Chemically outdated steel, hewn walnut along with a fiberglass backsplash include the expression of background to this attic in New York’s Tribeca area. Architect Steve Schappacher and his team used these simple materials to play off the attic’s warehouse origins. The proprietors of the attic — it was originally two lofts, now united — wanted a space that felt open and clean but still suited each of their requirements. A hidden pantry, seamless layout and wet bar gave them the look and function they desired.

SchappacherWhite Architecture D.P.C.

Montauk black slate countertops contrast with white cabinetry. The cabinet faces are ashes and therefore are stained — rather than painted — white, or so the grain is still visible. Hewn walnut on the front part of the island matches with the custom flooring.

Even though the family needed more storage, they also wanted their new kitchen to have a fresh look, therefore Schappacher and his team put in a pantry right behind the kitchen. The left and right end panels on the backsplash have pivoting windows that open up into the hidden pantry area, allowing the family to pass items back and forth.

Bar stools: Restoration Hardware; facet table: clients’ own; oven: Miele; range: Viking

SchappacherWhite Architecture D.P.C.

A doorway round the corner opens up into the pantry, which spans the entire 18-foot length of the kitchen. The windows not only let in more light but also allude to windows a more traditional kitchen might have.

Sconces: custom; pantry shelving: Metro Shelving

SchappacherWhite Architecture D.P.C.

Possessing an open, combined living area was significant to the household, but they also wanted their new house to respect its origins as a New York warehouse. Steel and hewn walnut cover tribute to the original materials, whereas the vaulted ceiling and spacious layout keep the attic ambience. The fiberglass onto the kitchen backsplash brings to mind fireproof windows in old lofts, while all the exterior windows at the attic are original to the structure.

SchappacherWhite Architecture D.P.C.

Around the corner a wet bar helps take some of their entertaining load off the kitchen. The majority of the same materials were used for cohesiveness — including the slate counters and ash cabinetry but Schappacher used crackled subway tile out of Artistic Tile to your new backsplash. Charcoal-colored grout highlights the cracks in each tile.

SchappacherWhite Architecture D.P.C.

A wall remedy Schappacher calls”liquid metal” ties in with the rest of the warehouse-inspired materials — including the customized iron capitals and bases on the columns. Schappacher had a custom metal fabricator utilize hot-rolled sheets of metal and chemically age them for this unique look.

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Find the Ideal Cooktop for Your Kitchen

When designing the work places in the kitchen, having a cooktop that’s separate from the toaster or toaster allows for greater flexibility. Choosing the right cooktop takes some study, however. Gas and electrical have been the two normal offerings, and while traditional gas cooktops stay a favorite choice, you may choose to look beyond them along with the familiar electrical coil alternative and consider electrical or radiant warmth. You could also search for different sizes, from streamlined 30-inch ranges to ones that are 48 inches or larger, in addition to different bells and whistles. Last, you can even set up individual modular cooktops that permit you to personalize your installation or create a separate place for steaming food or cooking with a wok.

In my opinion, it is really hard to compare gas and electric cooktops, because they’re such different cooking encounters — it is like trying to compare a grill into a griddle. But no matter what your taste, here’s a simple guide to the options.

Darren James Interiors

Induction and radiant electric cooktops. It can be hard, or even impossible, to tell the difference between an induction cooktop and a luminous electric cooktop by simply looking at them. They frequently look exactly the same, with sleek ceramic glass surfaces rather than vulnerable coil rings.

The main difference between the two is how they provide warmth. An induction cooktop uses an electromagnetic field that heats the cooking vessel rather than the cooktop itself. Induction cooktops heat up instantly and offer very precise temperature control. Induction-compatible cookware is usually necessary for induction cooking.

A radiant cooktop heats and cools down slowly, similar to a traditional oven. It doesn’t need specialized cookware. Even though it is not generally as well-known as a gas cooktop, lots of professional cooks favor it.

Thermador Home Appliances

Masterpiece Series Induction Cooktop

Circles indicating the place of these “burners” are often found on both the induction and radiant cooktops, even though there are sleek options in which the black ceramic glass appears to have no markings in any way.

Luck Stone Center

Gas cooktops. Traditional gas cooktops are still preferred by most, because using a visible flame lets you control the heat output more precisely. Another difference between gas cooktops and electrical ones is that gas cooktop power is measured in BTUs (British thermal units).


KitchenAid 30-Inch 4-Burner Gas Cooktop – $999

Drop-in gas cooktops. Drop-in gas cooktops sit on top of the counter. They traditionally have control knobs at the top also. Most drop-in gas cooktops have sealed burners and are not as strong as their range-top alternatives. They’re usually 30 or 36 inches wide and offer a burner choice simply, not the integrated grills or griddles that can be found in range-top options.

Mike Smith / Artistic Kitchens

Gas range shirts. A gas range top is different from a drop-in cooktop since it appears like a range that’s overlooking the oven. They traditionally have control knobs on front apron rather than on top. Gas range shirts are often more powerful than their cooktop counterparts, using much more BTUs.

Range tops typically include the same cooking surface structures as their range alternatives. A 30-inch model generally includes four burners, exactly like a typical range will, while larger sizes offer more options, such as griddles and grills. These components frequently offer a particular simmer burner too. Some manufacturers permit you to pick from open or closed burner options.

Range shirts with griddles or grills included usually start at a 36-inch dimensions and move around 48- and 60-inch versions. The arrangement of these burners is usually customizable. A 36-inch range top has a 12-inch griddle, whereas a 48-inch or larger one may have the choice of a 24-inch griddle.

AJ Madison

Wolf SRT484FX 48-Inch Pro-Style Gas Range Top

A couple of manufacturers offer a 48-inch range top using a French shirt, which has concentric rings involving the burners. These rings disperse heat across the entire area they occupy, with the hottest spot in the center and the cooler regions on the borders. This allows you to simmer, cook sauces slowly and have a couple of distinct pots on the outside at the same time.


BlueStar Heritage Classic Range Top

This range shirt has a exceptional characteristic: a raised griddle and broiler in a single. It is a fantastic choice if you want both options without giving up the leftovers.

SH insides

Modular cooktops. Independent, single-function cooktops are wonderful for smaller kitchens and also allow for more flexibility at a larger kitchen. They generally come in 12-, 15- or 24-inch sizes. Options include standard gas burners, a wok stove, grills, induction burners and steamers.


Gaggenau Vario Cooktops

You can combine independent cooktops to produce your own custom large-scale cooktop or separate different elements into independent cooking channels.

Just one countertop steamer is very popular with those looking for healthier cooking options.

Sub-Zero and Wolf

Wolf 15-Inch Integrated Cooktops – $1,570

Another steamer, grill or induction cooktop in addition to a traditional gas range is many a home cook’s ultimate dream installation.

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Kitchen of the Week: Gorgeous and Green at California

“This family is not afraid of color,” says interior designer Alison Glen. An apple-green countertop may scare off some homeowners, yet this family of four in Venice, California, wanted to revive their kitchen make it bold and joyful. Obviously, a countertop that vibrant meant that all the additional materials needed to be picked about it. Glen stuck with a simple palette for the remainder of the space, installing ecofriendly concrete floors and zebra wood cabinetry as a fresh contrast to the glowing green. The result is a modern but homey kitchen. “It is so cheerful, even a sunken soufflĂ© won’t bring you down in this kitchen,” says Glen.

LA Dwelling

The zebra wood cabinetry is the perfect colour to contrast with all the apple-green countertop. Glen says it is worth it to invest in the materials that matter, such as countertops and cabinetry. “But durability doesn’t have to be boring,” she adds.

Glen and the family spent a great deal of time exploring what the top materials would be for this particular kitchen, picking materials that are stylish but eco friendly. The zebra wood is both those things — it is formaldehyde free and was harvested from renewable forests — and durable to boot.

Cabinetry: Bradco Kitchens and Baths; countertop: Caesarstone, Apple Martini

LA Dwelling

Glen had additional storage put to the seat seats in the dining area for rarely used fine serving pieces and partyware. The table and the benches were both custom made by a local carpenter. Radiant heat keep the stained cement flooring from feeling too cold.

Lighting: Rejuvenation; floors: Montanari Construction; floors stain and conclude: EcoCrete Soy Stain

LA Dwelling

A small desk area is nestled near the oven, set lower than the countertop to get a sense of division. A massive foundation drawer retains the printer, which helps to keep the table uncluttered.

Glen filled the kitchen with plenty of useful features that the owners adore, such as an integrated filter in the sink faucet, vertical storage for baking sheets and a pullout trash and recycling bin.

Oven, cooktop, dishwasher: Bosch; hood: GE Profile; refrigerator: JennAir; fittings: Kohler; faucet: KWC; hardware: Hafele

LA Dwelling

The long, narrow shape of this kitchen limited that the client’s layout wish list. A comprehensive island would have taken up too much space, so Glen installed a combined bar and prep space on one of those walls. The sink, stove and refrigerator are not laid out in the conventional labour triangle, but it still works well for your household. The current configuration leaves space for entertaining and helps remove traffic jams.

Backsplash: Trend Mosaics; bar stools: Crate & Barrel

LA Dwelling

“Details typically come at a cost,” says Glen. “To be able to pay for the visual extras, like a metal strip from the counter, we scaled back a number of the upper cabinets and utilized open shelving instead.” She also installed big foundation drawers around the perimeter.

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Thought of the Week Lights from the Kitchen

The kitchen is among the most difficult rooms to light. Not only are there plenty of nooks and crannies that need to be lit for practicality’s sake, but in addition, it is important to light each working surface for safe and effective cooking. Many kitchens rely on recessed lighting to light countertops and other workspaces. However, several modern kitchens are utilizing daring and striking fixtures to help create a unique atmosphere.

ZeroEnergy Design

In this eco-friendly Massachusetts house, interior designer Lisa Kauffman Tharp installed several pieces of bold lighting from the kitchen. The pendants over the island are stunning — but what really caught our attention were the two-armed wall lighting over the top cabinets. Instead of installing recessed lighting underneath the cabinetry, Tharp decided to provide the kitchen a lofty, almost art-gallery like look.

ZeroEnergy Design

Even though they’re normally employed as wall-mounted lights, Tharp decided to install these fixtures on top of the cabinets. The wiring moved into a gap on top of the cabinetry where the gabled roof stops. These lights not only highlight the cabinetry, but if you pull them forward, they light up the countertops below perfectly.

Watch more of this house in Concord, Mass..

Circa Lighting

Boston Functional Library Two-Arm Wall Light – $420

Available in bronze, polished nickel, antique nickel, and brass, these fittings can only adjust in a downward way — which makes them ideal for this above-counter lighting repair.

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