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Architectural Sunscreens Get the Heat Away Homes

Go ahead and say it out loud: brise-soleil(bree so-LAY). Sounds nice, does not it? Maybe you just received a modest impressed head nod from the coworker or some curious look from you cat. It rolls off the tongue and translates from the French as “sun block” Commonly defined as a permanent architectural element, it has the double benefit of mitigating the harsh sunlight and warmth whilst concurrently providing visual interest to some facade.

Major credit for all these sun-blocking constructions extends to architect Le Corbusier, together with his use of outside grid-like concrete fittings in the 1950s to keep the interiors of buildings cooler in warm climates, such as with his Chandigarh project in India.

Nowadays we see contemporary versions of those sunshades (usually lighter and often rendered in thin metal or wood slats) on homes throughout many areas.

Steve Domoney Architecture

Think about a brise-soleil as dividers on the outside of a House. It does the exact same heavy lifting of blocking out unwanted heat gain as inside blinds or drapes. Yet since the place is on the outside, it blocks the warmth from the sun’s rays before they hit the glass and then enter the inside area, keeping your home cooler.

Nick Noyes Architecture

Have a look at the shadows from the structure over the doors and window onto the side of the home, visual evidence that displays can block out intense sunlight.

To maximize the effectiveness of fixed louvers, pair up with a local architect to assess the specific location of your dwelling, including the climate zone and latitude where the project sits.

Architect AIBC, Randy Bens

Horizontal fixtures work well on southern facades, while vertical fixtures mitigate sunlight more effectively on east and west facades — because of the sun’s angle in the sky throughout the day.

The screen can also be an independent statement, as revealed here, standing proud of their glass windows. The facade can be blended in by it.

Stelle Lomont Rouhani Architects

Simply take the sunscreen’s material . Here material and the color of the slats match the rest of the architecture.

At night the screen adds privacy to an otherwise full-height glass wall.

Chioco Design

The brise-soleil in front of the window is integrated with the general facade, as it’s all constructed of the same material. In this case the entire wood screen is slightly detached from the present home and strengthens the original form.

KUBE architecture

When a screen is significantly detached from the architecture, it defines a semiprivate exterior room adjacent to the home. The number of slats decreases with the structure’s height here, providing another layer of interest.

The Brick House

This brise-soleil defines a very simple exterior space that is located between the domain of sunlight and shadows.

aamodt / plumb architects

The attractiveness of sunlight is the fact that it is dynamic — always moving and changing our surroundings. A sunscreen can act as a permanent piece of artwork that exerts and exerts this movement. An elaborate custom made metallic screen like this creates altering patterns since the afternoon progresses.

Mills Gorman Architects

These playful shadows offer a calm environment and a unique veil of privacy on the inside.

Sagatov Design-Build

A very simple wood slat mounted to the exterior creates a sophisticated interior here, while always working to cut out solar heat gain before it hits the glass.

Hufft Projects

These displays are on paths, producing interactive architectural items that conceal or show the glass facade, depending on the homeowner’s taste.

Contemplate these many variants of this contemporary brise-soleilthe next time you want to protect your home from solar heat gain or gain privacy.

Tell us are you prepared to live at the zone of filtered darkness and light?

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Readers' Choice: The 10 Most Popular Outdoor Spaces of 2012

From large backyards to miniature balconies, outdoor spaces were a large priority for ers in 2012. While these favorite photos show a diverse range of styles and sizes, each room is outfitted to take advantage of its environment. Fire pits, luxurious lap pools and a great deal of shading gave readers everywhere extra motivation to upgrade their outdoor spaces.

Here are the outdoor images inserted to the many ideabooks in 2012.

Tim Barber Ltd Architecture

1. Beverly Hills back porch. This serene back porch looks like the ideal place for sipping lemonade on a hot day. When saving this photo, readers noted the exposed stone surrounding the space, and the numerous seating locations.

Margie Grace – Grace Design Associates

2. Shaded seating in California. Sometimes a place in the colour is all you need to enjoy the outside. This curved stone seat looks incredibly comfortable but still blends in with its surroundings.

SURROUNDS Landscape Architecture + Construction

3. Outdoor living on the East Coast. This winding walkway via a lawn that is lush brings people to a backyard haven. Leafy landscaping and outdoor lighting are only a couple of the elements ers liked.

Martin Bros.. Contracting, Inc..

4. Straightforward fire pit for Michigan summers. This classic fire pit mimics the form of the octagonal screened porch connected to the home. Traditional Adirondack chairs at a glossy black suit the outside fixtures on the primary residence.

Dumican Mosey Architects

5. Ubermodern at Menlo Park. Merely a pair of sofa seats is needed to appreciate this modern backyard space in California. The contrasting colours — red-orange wood, blue water and blue seats — instantly captured ers’ eyes.

Southview Design

6. Stylish patio in Minnesota. This paver patio and small garden make a great outdoor entertaining space. readers saved this photo for the small-space inspiration and lush landscaping thoughts.

Cross River Design, Inc..

7. European-inspired New Jersey trellis. Just like a spectacle in Provence, the porch outside of this New Jersey farmhouse has a clearly European vibe. The wisteria-draped trellis lets only the right amount of sunlight filter through the plush sofa seats.

TaC studios, architects

8. Pristine lap pool at Atlanta. This lap pool imitates the kind of the adjoining deck beautifully. Its slim shape makes it a fit for many backyards.

Lankford Associates Landscape Architects

9. Secret pathway with a stunning perspective. An easy stone pathway leads to a perfect waterfront view. Fragrant thyme and lovely Siberian irises finish this bright outside space.

Abbott Moon

10. Sunny entertaining in Southern California. Outdoor entertaining is easy with a setup such as this. The simple dining set gets a boost from patterned pillows and rustic lanterns, turning the entire covered porch into an outdoor extension of the home.

Find inspiration in more outdoor images on

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