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The Way to Get Rid of a Lien on Home

If you don’t check your credit report periodically, you might not understand that there is a lien from the house until you apply for credit or try to sell it. A lien is a sort of security for an unpaid debt, and it can be set on a home, an auto, a boat, a business or any other sort of property with significant cash value. It basically keeps the property from being sold until the debt is paidoff. There are several types of liens; the most common are mechanic’s liens, tax liens and judgment liens.

Consult with an attorney if you feel that you don’t owe the debt which the lien is procuring.

Repay the debt to the lien holder in the event the debt is legitimate. Occasionally an lawyer can negotiate a payoff.

Ask that the lien holder sign that a Release-of-Lien type in the presence of a notary public. Release-of-Lien forms are available from attorneys, the county clerk’s office and on the internet.

File the Release-of-Lien form in the office of the county recorder. This produces the discharge a matter of public record. There is generally a charge for this particular.

Maintain an official replica of the Release-of-Lien type in a safe location, for your records.

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Pros & Cons of Paying to Lock

If you enjoy guessing games, you are likely to enjoy mortgage rate lock-ins. Rate-locks, since they are also called, offer you protection from market swings in interest rates. They are a guarantee from lenders to maintain a rate for a certain period of time while they process your loan or you try to find a property. Rate-locks may also arrive as a cap rate, which ensures that the rate will only rise to a specific level.

Peace of Mind

A rate-lock is like an insurance coverage –you do not consistently use it, but it gives you a feeling of security. If you cover to lock in a mortgage rate, then you are not affected by rising interest rates that would alter the price of your mortgage. That can be much more important in markets in which interest rates are on a rising trend. The Federal Reserve Board urges you receive a written lock-in from your creditor once you are delighted with the terms you have negotiated.


Planning to buy a house is stressful enough without interest levels changing daily (or hour). A higher interest rate may increase your monthly payments significantly, pushing that affordable mortgage directly from your reach. With a rate-lock you know how much your monthly payments will be, and you can budget accordingly. This helps you know how much you can afford toward a home without overstretching your finances.

Extra Cost

Lenders have a gamble if they lock in an interest rate. If interest rates rise, they could eliminate money, and that’s the reason why lenders charge for rate-locks. According to fiscal writer Holden Lewis of, many lenders won’t charge for a 30-day rate-lock, but anticipate 60- or 90-day rate-locks to come with a price tag. The price varies, but lenders will alter anything between 0.5 percent and 2 percent of the loan amount, according to finance site, Smart Money. On a $200,000 loan, 0.5 percent is a $1,000 fee, which could be a savvy investment if you found a good thing. But a two percent lock-in fee on such loan would wind up costing you $4,000. Rates would need to rise a awful lot to justify paying that kind of money. If you are not careful, the extra expense of locking at a low rate may cancel any savings that a low-interest rate provides.

Interest Rates Could Reduce

The rate-lock gamble works both ways. If interest rates fall, and you have paid to lock-in your interest rate, you are still stuck with the higher rate. Some lenders allow you to change to reduced interests as part of their rate-lock deal, what’s called a”float-down option,” but it is going to cost you extra.

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Guest Groups: 20 Fall Gift Ideas Under $50

It may not be the holidays quite yet, but that does not mean you’re off the hook for gift giving. Between potlucks, dinner parties, open houses and birthdays, it is likely your calender is feeling as full as ever. Be ready for all the events on your own program this autumn with these 20 fantastic gift ideas for everyone (and every occasion) on your list. And the best part? They are all under $50. — Laura from Lolalina

Garnet Hill

Personalized Table Runner – $48

Anything monogrammed automatically feels more personal, and this hemp-burlap runner from Garnet Hill looks heirloom worthy. It is perfect for making a fantastic impression on your mother-in-law.


The Curiosity Shoppe at Target Salad Servers – $15

For your hipster friend, get these arrow-shaped salad machines created for Target by the San Francisco indie institution The Curiosity Shoppe. These are so adorable — and economical! I’d stock up now and give them as hostess gifts all year.


Little Barkboard Rustic Chalkboard by Olive Manna – $38

These wood-slices-turned-chalkboards out of Olive Manna are so beautiful and useful. I’m dying for one for myself! If giving them as a gift, include a note with ideas for where to hang it as a menu board in dining space, for purchasing lists in kitchen, by the front door for acquaintances to leave notes or beside the mattress for leaving love notes.


Birch Vase – $14

Go the extra mile by bringing an autumn market bouquet within this birch-wrapped vase out of Terrain to your next dinner party. Additionally, it is going to help your host prevent the last-minute rummaging for a container.


More happy Home – $26

Gretchen Rubin’s first publication, The Happiness Project, was a runaway success, along with her new quantity promises to be just as inspirational. Give one to a friend and keep one for yourself, and hold your own mini book club as you work your way through the publication.


Oak Leaf Tea Towel, Copper

Studiopatró makes the most beautiful hand-printed linen tea towels, and this copper-colored leaf design feels just right for autumn. For a personal touch, use one to wrap around a home made loaf and package it with your favorite recipe attached to a string.


Tulip Aperitif Glasses – $49

These petite, jewel-like aperitif glasses from Viva Terra will make a wonderfully festive addition to anyone’s entertaining arsenal. Include a jar of tasty dessert, and if you are lucky, they will share a glass with you.

Apartment 48

Wooden Ball Decanter – $46

This decanter from Apartment 48 is only the sort of cool, contemporary find that most of us wouldn’t think to purchase for ourselves, which makes it all the more appreciated when it comes as a present.


Cherry Candles – $20

How adorable are these small cherry candles? Give them as a set or set them onto a cake — either way they’re certain to bring smiles.

Darling Clementine

Harvest Fine Tea – $20

Excellent tea always creates a fantastic present in my novel, and these boxes are so pretty they beg to be left out to the counter tops. I’d bundle a box with some delicious biscotti or tea biscuits, and maybe a special teatime playlist created for the occasion.

Small Peach

Hidden Fox Teacup – $25

Hello, small foxy! These concealed creature teacups out of Modest Peach are so darling — it might be difficult to select only one. Paired with a box of Harvest Tea, it might make a fantastic present for a design-obsessed tea lover.


Coffee Mint Hand Soap – $10

Delicious-smelling soap wrapped in luxurious paper is a can not-miss hostess gift. I favor any of those Saipua soaps for their amazing scent mixes. Coffee and mint sounds perfect for autumn.

Heath Ceramics

Everyday Napkins – $45

These linen napkins come in a selection of organic colors with a fun contrasting trim. With six to a set, they feel like a generous present for the price.


Fall Time Poster Pillow by Red Rooster Bed and Breakfast – $49.99

Hot chocolate, crisp air and crispy leaves — to get a friend with an autumn birthday, share the very best of the distinctive season with this handmade pillow out of Red Rooster Bed and Breakfast.


Log Slice Bowl – $24

Cooks will love a set of those Slice bowls for holding sea salt and peppercorns, while the non-cooks one of us may use them to hold earrings or spare change in style.


Black Walnut Cheese Board, Natural Edge by Red Onion Woodworks – $49

An extremely good serving plank makes even the simplest spread look grand. This one stands out as it’s created from salvaged wood and features a stunning natural border.

Laura Zindel

Espresso Cup and Saucer, Turban Squash – $42

Vermont artist Laura Zindel’s richly detailed illustrations are a perfect match for her very own line of art. Coffee connoisseurs would surely like being gifted one, special cup out of her collection, along with a pound of locally roasted espresso beans.

West Elm

Laura Zindel Thanksgiving Dessert Plates – $8

Zindel also recently collaborated with West Elm to produce these stunning plates, which might work equally well for salad or dessert. At $8 a bit, you can manage to give a whole pile.


Rococo Potholder and Oven Mitt, Cream – $12

Who couldn’t use an original set of pot holders? Anthropologie is a great go-to resource for adorable kitchen goodies, and this ruffled pair with its dark floral print is my current favorite.

Sweet Paul

Sweet Paul Magazine #10 – $20

On the lookout for an option to the standard flowers or bottle of wine? Bring a small-press separate magazine (or 2) tied with twine to a next dinner party instead. Sweet Paul, among my favorites, is packed full of original recipes, magnificent food styling and innovative craft projects.

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Guest Groups Lights

Decorating kids’ rooms at a circus motif is not anything new, but the resurgence of this motif has obtained it into new directions. Gone would be the extra-sweet animals and somewhat creepy clowns. Nowadays you have retro graphics, bright pops of colour and oodles of pleasure. — Mari from Small for Big


Kid Produced Modern Creature Cushion Kit, Lion – $12.99

Todd Oldham’s line of craft projects at Goal includes this sew-your-own lion cushion. Is not he grand?


Circus, Buffalo New York Digital Print by James Greenwald Design – $25

The nostalgia behind a circus-themed poster similar to this one is going to bring generations together. Everyone remembers going to the circus!

Lab Partners

Sea Lions – $10

This print is part of a series celebrating San Francisco, but the joyful dancing seals would look great on your circus motif.


Emmy Mobile by Frazier + Wing – $68

This modern mobile reminds me of a huge burst of fluttering confetti, the kind you’d see at a Cirque du Soleil performance.


Victorian Tattooed Lady Paper Puppet Doll by Crank Bunny – $20

A pal of mine styled this retro-cool tattooed lady for her daughter’s room. I enjoy looking at all of the swirling graphics on her arms and legs.

Jac’s shop

An Angel at My Table Tepee, Red Stripe – AUD 229.95

Take the tepee out of the West and into your home with this big top–motivated striped edition. I’d string it full of LED Christmas lights for additional magic.

More ways with tepees

Zin Home

Stacked Cabinet No. 6, Together We Can – $5,950

These piled dressers may be costly, but they still give inspiration. I can see piling brilliant shelves together to bring some circus whimsy into a room.


Bear Wall Art from Violet May Collage – $28

It is the clown hat on the bear’s mind that really makes me love this print. Be sure that you take a look at each the other prints from Violet May too.


Alphabet Teethers – $20

These wooden teethers are one of my favorite baby shower gifts. They are safe for babies, are cool to look at and look great on a shelf.

Kawaii Fabric Shop

Blue Circus Animals Canvas Fabric – EUR 9.45

Wouldn’t this cloth be beautiful at a nursery? Whether used for curtains or stretched on a canvas, it has a sweetness that can’t be beat.


Little Blue Elephant Wall Hanging – $78

I have understood that elephants might be my favorite animal of all time. Though I would not put a photograph of one in my walls, I’d certainly hang this wonderful blue pachyderm.


Flensted Cyclephants Mobile – $32

To get a more classic way of a circus vibe, then you can’t go wrong with elephants on bikes. Can they really do that?


Maintain your kiddos right on fashion with a neon orange circus-theme T-shirt. The children I know would all be growling like tigers for this one.


Elephant in Lemon Bookshelf by DwellStudio – $125

I’d use this bookshelf to underline the books most important to my loved ones, the ones from my youth and other vintage finds. You can’t miss them with this bright colour.


Mae Wall Decals Faraway Circus – $105

The muted colours of these wall graphics are a wonderful break from all of the bright wall art I have seen. Children will love that they’re rearrangeable too.

Samuel Owen Gallery

Cristiani Bros Circus, Lion – $425

I can see this beautiful lion taking center stage at a boys’ area where the two could swap mighty roars every evening before bedtime.


Cushion Cover, Coral Circus Triangles by Butterscotch & Beesting – GBP 34

This pillow may be a bit less literal, but the colours and contours still scream circus!

House & Hold

Hygge & West Circus Troupe Wallpaper – $165

This background would make a fantastic accent wall. I can see it used to get a section behind a crib, framed in molding. Come one, come all!


Circus Elephant Nursery Night Light from The Rekindled Page – $38

Night lights are a fun part of any kid’s room, and they’re so important when keeping children happy at bedtime. Help them have large top fantasies with this candy elephant by their sides.

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Guest Choices: Sassy Slipper Chairs

One of my most favorite ways to infuse personality and pattern into a room is using a slipper seat. Without being a massive investment, they open up the seats possibilities in a distance. You are able to add texture and pattern without eating up too much real estate. And who doesn’t love a great seat? The only problem is deciding which one best suits you and your character. Here’s a roundup of several eye-catching slipper chairs for you to pick from. — Courtney from A Thoughtful Place


Pollyanna Slipper Chair – $169.99

This is like a breath of fresh air. I really like the power that this seat brings to a room. It could be a gorgeous addition to a sun room or a otherwise-neutral family room.

Restoration Hardware

Deconstructed French Slipper Chair – $695

There is no question that this slipper seat adds elegance to a room. I’d really like to find this at a formal living room or as a place in a home office. The lines on this seat are all beautiful.

Cost Plus World Market

Peacock Quincy Chair – $179.99

Hello blue! Are you prepared for a little glamour in your area? The nailhead trim around the outside edges adds such a great touch. It could be a pretty addition to your home office.

Contemporary Armchairs And Accent Chairs – $399

This slipper seat boasts among my most favorite color combinations; I really like the grey and yellow together. Some of these would add sunshine to any bedroom.

Ballard Designs

Leyland Armless Chair with Lumbar Pillow, Canopy Stripe Taupe & Sand Sunbrella – $539

Who doesn’t love stripes? This traditional armless chair can actually be covered in a million different fabric options, but I really like a great stripe. I think every room looks great with a bit of wide cabana stripe.


Avington Upholstered Armless Accent Slipper Chair, Gazebo Cloud Floral – $149.99

I really like the fresh summer feel of this print. The soft organic print reads as a nice neutral in almost any area.


Canary Print Slipper Chair, Yellow – $299.99

I’m in love with the bright, cheery yellow of this seat. I’d really like to use two of these flanking a fireplace. They’re a terrific way to add some character to your area.

Cost Plus World Market

Green Ikat Darby Chair – $179.99

This really is a gorgeous use of an ikat pattern. I like how soft and pretty it is. This can property in my living room any moment!

Z Gallerie

Bailey Accent Chair – Chevron – $399

Chevron is here to stay, my friends! Why not add some serious character to a teen bedroom or even a playroom? This is guaranteed to turn heads. I really like the traditional black and white. Pair it with a pop-of-color pillow, and you have an excellent statement.


Swoop Upholstered Slipper Accent Chair, Velvet Smoke – $159.99

This swoop seat makes a gorgeous accent to any room. Whether in an entryway or a posh home office, you can not go wrong with a classic velvet seat.

West Elm

Leather Slipper Chair – $399

Occasionally leather is the way to go, as it can add feel as well as a masculine feel. A couple of these are excellent in a living room or room. I’d toss cream-colored throws within the backs to add some attention.

West Elm

Upholstered Slipper Chair – $399

This print is fantastic and really mixes well with both graphic and floral prints. This could be a pleasant addition to a dining room or even a chic nursery room.

Pier 1 Imports

Addyson Chair, Ivory Leaves – $369.95

This is a nice neutral piece that works well in almost any area. I’d really like to see it at a gorgeous nursery.

Pottery Barn

Brighton Chair, Hampton Stripe – $399

This seat screams summer beach cabin. What I wouldn’t give to have a pair of these alongside a white sofa. The slight nautical texture adds a touch of classic charm. It even looks super comfortable.


Seafoam Ava Slipper Chair – $149.99

This is simple and sweet and has a great nailhead detail. It would be great in almost any area. I adore the idea of having two of these off to the side for extra seating if necessary.


Armless Upholstered Slipper Chair, Abstract Blue Floral – $149.99

This cloth is not new to the home decor world, but it’s such a gorgeous way to infuse pattern in your space. I’d use a set of these in the front of a warm and cozy fireplace.


Beige Tufted Marilyn Chair – $399.99

This is a slightly different spin on the slipper seat. I’m a sucker for all things, and I really dig out the casters.


Armless Upholstered Slipper Accent Chair, Grey & Gold Ikat

This is just another great grey and yellow mix. This fairly ikat cloth is a gorgeous way to bring a current trend in your room. This could be magnificent in a bedroom or sitting area.


Pelham Nail Button Linen Chair, Natural – $349.99

If neutral is more your pace, this is less of a commitment and would be stunning with an enjoyable and colorful pillow. This would seem classic at a living area or bedroom.

Spa Slipper Chair – $181.99

If you’re looking for something much more comfortable, this traditional slipper seat is a little more substantial. I’d actually love to see just two of these in my bedroom.

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