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Urban Eclectic Loft in Manhattan

Most of inner designer Marie Burgos’ previous clients had contemporary, contemporary or transitional styles. But the homeowners of this loft space from the Gramercy area of Manhattan, artist and photographer Samantha Heydt along with her celebrity and producer boyfriend, had markedly different tastes and layout preferences that even they had difficulty defining. The design challenge for Burgos was going to understand her clients’ upbringings and lifestyles that she could find items and finishing touches which would appeal to their own eclectic taste. “The most fun I had on this job was seeing my clients’ surprise and excitement when I realized their style and reflected my understanding at the design of the space,” states Burgos. She transformed the attic from an area with Venetian plaster, black flooring and moldings to a fresh, contemporary, functional space filled with travel finds, classic pieces and family keepsakes.

in a Glance
Who lives here: Samantha Heydt along with her boyfriend
Location: New York City
Size: 2,300 square feet
That is Interesting: The device is located in what used to be St. George Parish’s rectory.

Marie Burgos Design

The living room windows look to a neighboring building, however Burgos’ clients barely notice, as they are too busy appearing: The 23-foot-high ceiling makes up for your shortage of views. The watercolor painting is a gift from William Heydt, Samantha’s grandfather, as well as the kilim rug is a classic item purchased by Samantha in Istanbul.

Couch: ABC Carpet & Home

Marie Burgos Design

Most of the original wood flooring in the living and dining room were retained, treated and sanded. “The flooring needed a fantastic clean since the previous owners had painted them all black. Once covered, they demonstrated an wonderful wood tone and fabulous layout,” states Burgos.

Dining table: Hive Modern; Sirius White Floor Lamp: Fashion For Home

Marie Burgos Design

Burgos had to remodel the entire kitchen to the slick, contemporary enjoyable and preparing space that’s today. “My customer entertains often without having to turn on the cooker — the food options are just endless here in New York!” Burgos replaced what used to be tiled flooring using a Jatoba herringbone-cut mahogany wood, an almost exact match to the hardwood flooring in the living room. The leather pig on the marble counter was purchased by Samantha’s grandfather in the 1930s from Abercrombie & Fitch.

Bar stools: The Foundary; kitchen appliances: Miele

Marie Burgos Design

If this Original Martinique Wallpaper looks familiar, it’s because it’s the same one used in the Beverly Hills Hotel, on a Mariah Carey album cover, even at Nikki Hilton’s home and even on the set of The Golden Girls. Burgos purchased it in Designer Wallcoverings and Fabrics to make an enjoyable, tropical-looking wall within the custom-made modern high-gloss dressers causing the master bedroom.

Marie Burgos Design

The dramatic silver and black wallpaper and music gear in the loft’s lower degree make it clear that one of the homeowners is seriously into music. “Samantha’s boyfriend is a record label producer and professional musician,” confirms Burgos. The art, Bird on a White Page, is by Heydt, a professional photographer and visual artist.

Wallpaper: Barbara Hulanicki Hula, Graham & Brown; floating cupboard: Ikea

Marie Burgos Design

Synthesizers, mixers and a turntable fill the shelf space over the couch — musical tools doubling as practical d├ęcor.

Couch: Hive

Marie Burgos Design

At the home office, Burgos installed ceramic flooring tiles at wood-grain patterns inspired by Andy Warhol from Ora Italiana’s Uonuon collection. The upholstered classic grandmother chair was a gift from one of Samantha’s relatives. The house office showcases artwork from Samantha’s travels, creating a mix of textures and visuals.

“The color splashes range within this room, from the red-orange custom made cabinetry liner to the azure damask wallpaper; it’s not a space for the color bashful,” states Burgos. The designer generally tells clients who are afraid of incorporating color into their living spaces to start with a beautiful memory. “I ask them to find out what colours their favorite vacation or place brings themwhat color their happiest memory invokes, and we build on that,” states Burgos. “It makes for a very personal manner of designing your house.”

Wallpaper: Fiorvanti Azure Coromandel, Designers Guild

Marie Burgos Design

A spiral stairs, a remnant of the loft’s past incarnation as part of St. George Episcopal Church’s rectory (a church in which financier and art collector J.P. Morgan worshipped and served), shares the space with framed prints and a book series. It was significant for Burgos’ clients to be surrounded by artwork and inspiration. Samantha grew up at a California house filled with colours, classic wallpapers and antique pieces; she traveled a lot growing up and was collecting original pieces from many countries. “It makes perfect sense for my clients to dwell at a place that had a completely different past life, and also to add to it their own history and artistic inclinations. It’s a very New York story and space,” states Burgos.

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