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10 Modern Living Room Design Ideas

There are many rooms in a home but the living room always stands out as the most important one. Even if you are not that kind person who spends hours looking for the perfect décor for your home, at least do so for your living room. It’s the most treasured part of any home and the last thing you want is to leave it looking plain and basic. Well, you don’t really need to do a lot. We have prepared a number of simple and elegant living room décor ideas to help you out.

These ideas are from the top Loveland painters in the market.

Textured White Room

Creating a monotone in any room may seem like a bad idea but as long as you get the formula right, it can be quite amazing. Try to incorporate a lot of texture on a backdrop of white monotones in order to liven things up. A paneled wall with pops of blush tone to accentuate the background will do the trick. The entire backdrop will feel relaxing, cool, and ideal for a nice book read.

Colorful Sofas

We all know that sofas form a big part of the living room design. Well, try mixing up colorful sofa sets with a soothing wall color. It’s a dramatic mix that adds outstanding character to a modern living room design.

Cozy Living Room

Try to stick to lighter more natural colors for the perfect cozy living room design. White, brown, or cream are recommended shades. They add a simple welcoming feeling to the living room in a way that no other color can.

Geometric Lighting

Add an eye-catching light fixture and offset an otherwise neutral space. Lighting does have a way of setting the tone for the entire living room space. Make sure you’ve chosen something elegant and striking.

Minimal Design

When it comes to minimal living room designs, less is in fact more. One statement piece should be enough to liven up the space. Keep everything else simple!

Ornate Living Room

Make a simple statement with an elegant light fixture and a flower piece on the fireplace. Everything else needs to be modern or contemporary.

Artistic Design

Start by keeping everything in the room sleek and uncluttered. Complete the design with a center of attention. Wall art will often have the right visual effect according to painting Loveland, CO.

Dramatic Living Room

Go a little bit off the book with this dramatic design that features oversized marshmallow style couches and additional unique and interestingly shaped furniture pieces.

Wooden Accents

Wood can accentuate and warm up modern colors like white, black, or even concrete. It can also double up as an additional architectural element.

Luxurious Design

Mix up living room textures with luxury metals like brass to bring in a vintage and more luxurious appeal to the overall design. A touch of luxurious fabrics such as warm velvet will do well to finish up the look.

You don’t need to be among the top painting Loveland, CO to create the perfect living room décor. The simple ideas above will be enough.