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Room of the Day: Bright Transitional Home Office Serves Double Duty

This room’s most important purpose is to function as a home office, but since it is off the home’s living room, guests also spend time in it during get-togethers with family members and friends. Interior designer Jamie Keskin worked throughout the home with her customer, and the two discovered an simple, bright and light style and carried from room to room. Transitional style may be an all-encompassing and confusing seem to specify, but Keskin helps us get a better knowledge of it with this airy room.

Jamie Keskin Design

Pictures by Greg Perko Photography

Space in a
What happens here:
That really is really a home control central plus also a home office for telecommuting, in addition to an extra seating area during get-togethers.
Location: Wellesley, Massachusetts
Size: 150 square feet (14 square meters); 10 feet by 15 feet (3 meters by 4.5 meters)

Although Keskin worked on rooms throughout the house, this was the only one which was a truly blank slate. However, she and her customer agreed to maintain the present built-in bookcases, right down to the blue paint. They are great for corralling all the office clutter and keeping a clean, paperless desk. This, in turn, makes altering the room into a seating area much easier; all the client does is drag the table chair over near the love chair during celebrations, and the entertainment area is complete.

Jamie Keskin Design

Transitional is a tricky style to specify sometimes, but Keskin sees it as a style with traditional roots that’s lighter, brighter and much more compact. For example, she combined a traditional bamboo desk seat with a clean-lined, classic contemporary Parsons desk in here. The bright aqua color of this seat is sudden and makes it a standout piece.

Background: Gibralter, Thibault; seat: Zinc Door; wastebasket, glass lamp: Target; Parsons Desk: West Elm

Jamie Keskin Design

“If I had been going for traditional in here, I might have chosen a French settee, a busier floral and a fussier background,” Keskin states. Instead she combined a more compact love chair and a brightly colored, large-print abstract floral from Romo. A woven coffee table and midcentury-modern-inspired side tables freshen things up.

Actually, the floral print was the jumping-off point for everything else in the area. “I wanted to select something inspirational,” she states. “I pulled each the colors from that print” She utilized the fabric on the throw pillow along with the custom Roman colour.

Savvy budget reconciliation allowed splurging on background by Thibault along with the above floral fabric. These two elements provided the foundation for the room, and the layout jumped off from that point. The lamps are from Horchow, the mirror is from Ballard Designs, the love seat and side tables are from Crate & Barrel, and the coffee table is from Pottery Barn.

Jamie Keskin Design

Jamie Keskin Design

The bone inlay on the Parsons desk is still just another portion of this transitional balance — it is a more customary detail on a contemporary piece. The glass lamp helps provide the desk a clean appearance. Additionally, it helped balance the budget; Keskin discovered it .

The designer along with her customer found the floral art print, which complements the floral fabric, on Etsy, and had it framed. A brass snail found at an antiques shop serves as a cute mascot for your room — you may have captured him moving around during the photo shoot.

“Transitional has traditional roots but is brighter and fresher,” Keskin states. “It is a real mix of this very traditional and modern.”

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How to Produce Beautifully Untamed Floral Arrangements

It Is getting down to the wire for Thanksgiving. Side dishes are chosen, the turkey was purchased, and the wine rack has been well stocked. Luckily for all of us florally contested, Jill Rizzo and Alethea Harampolis of San Francisco’s Studio Choo are decked out this holiday by adding the life of the celebration — literally — with flowers, foraged branches, and maybe a persimmon or two in tow.

After sitting on one of the in studio courses, an epiphany struck me. No longer will I need to rely on vibrant corn and miniature pumpkins to decorate my Thanksgiving table. With a few tips from these pros, not only can I too have the ability to arrange flowers (almost) like an expert, but I also have discovered how to allow the flowers be my guides and allow my arrangements to mature wild.

More: Ingredients of a Perfectly Wild Bouquet

A sturdy base is essential. Five seconds into this course the free grasp I thought I’d on the basics of flower arranging is swiftly swatted away. The foundation layer is the framework for the rest of the structure — it’s not just inexpensive filler.

Consider how the leafy leaves will add another decorative layer to the structure to complement the flowers. Grab 6-10 strong stems to be used for the foundation of your own arrangement, with 2 especially bushy pieces. If you are a newcomer like me, a solid foundation will make the rest of your organizing job much easier.

Measure twice cut once. Before you begin randomly stabbing stems into your vessel, gauge and test out how you would like individual stems in your foundation layer to lie in the vase. Utilize their natural kinds as guides for placing in the vase.

If using a thinner cylindrical vase, the stalks can be approximately 2-3 times the height of this vase, otherwise opt to get an arrangement about 1 1/2 times the eyebrow height. Put the bushiest pieces in first, using a clean and leafless stem beneath the waterline.

Construct your foundation. Require the first two foundation layer plants, make an X with their stalks and set them in the vase, as Rizzo demonstrates using a scented geranium and chokecherry stem. Carefully work round the border, putting stalks in a similar way by crossing the stalks — almost like you are constructing a nest.

Watch more amazing bouquet ingredients

Remember where you anticipate using this particular arrangement. A fragrance for a mantel will be more spreading and linear while a table centerpiece will have to be more rounded and interesting on either side.

When you have completed, the foundation should be sturdy and able to defy the prodding and poking of this flower stems you are going to put in later.

Add primary flowers. The largest and sturdiest flowers which you’ve chosen for your main focal flowers will proceed next. Rizzo starts with a stunning’Coral Charm’ peony stem. Continue to allow the plants do the work for you by changing the overall form and contour of this arrangement.

You’re able to keep it low and compact or really angle the stems out to get a large arching arrangement. Choose around 3 focal flowers and scatter cluster them in the arrangement. Keep the arrangement intriguing by choosing plants that blossom at different angles and different heights — ideal uniformity isn’t something you should feel like you need to strive for.

Add some astonishing accents. Incorporate beautiful succulents and even seasonal fruits in your arrangement to really highlight the overall autumnal mood.

Using wooden skewers carefully dipped in floral glue, softly stab the fruit or succulent, careful not to puncture all the way through, and add the skewer into a growing centerpiece — following the crisscross pattern of the stalks.

For continuity and stream, Rizzo suggests group similarly colored flowers within the arrangement. Add to your heart’s content, pausing every so often to admire your work, always keeping in mind the crisscross pattern of your stalks and orientation of your own arrangement.

Here, chokecherries and’Coral Charm’ peonies make a luscious cluster of pinks and reds…

… that segues into golden hues of Heuchera‘Peach Melba’ and skewered persimmons.

Finish off with bits and pieces. There are not any real prescribed rules for your superbly manicured seasonal centerpiece. Finish by adding the supporting flowers and more fragile grasses and blossoms you may have picked from the market or perhaps from your own yard.

Do a final check. Once you believe you have a successful arrangement or run out of plant material, do a final check for stalks that may not be securely placed or require another trim. Then set the arrangement and enjoy.

Care for your flowers. Stick into the following suggestions to make sure your arrangement survives long enough that you thoroughly enjoy and to allow your family and friends to compliment your mad floral organizing skills.
Cut flowers are thirsty. Keep the vessel as full of water as you can and make sure you change the water and wash out the vessel frequently. Bacteria buildup in old water is a sure way to kill the structure faster.Keep the structure out of direct sunlight and away from ripening fruit, which gives off ethylene gas. Both can cause the flowers to start more quickly and result in a shorter lifespan. “The best advice we can give when creating arrangements is to just try it,” adds Jill. “The most frequent thing we hear in course is’I am not sure it’ll seem right…’ So put it in there and try it! It can always be removed. We are constantly playing with different materials and colour combinations — that is what keeps things interesting!”

More: Ingredients of a Perfectly Wild Bouquet

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Color Inspiration From the Mediterranean

Colours of the Mediterranean reflect some of the very best and most interesting facets of this area’s culture and natural environment. Color inspiration stems from the vibrant blue sea that surrounds the Greek isles and the golden yellow tones seen in a Moroccan spice market. The sun-baked clay buildings in Spain and Italy, along with the lush vegetation found in the South of France will also be influences. With so many colors, patterns and textures, Mediterranean interiors are a feast for the eyes and also can spur creativity in your home, wherever you reside.


Venetian plaster is a classic paint finish in Italy and other Mediterranean countries. The original technique involves applying several layers of plaster. Fortunately, now we could purchase acrylic “plaster” for easier application, or we could employ an excellent faux artist! Colours like terra cotta and blue are commonly seen in this wall treatment.

Linda Medina Interior Design

In the outside spice markets in Marrakesh, Morocco, you’ll see an abundance of yellow-gold hues in the form of saffron or cumin. These colors deliver a warm and inviting glow to any room.

Carolyn Chadwick

In Greece, it’s very common to see white houses with shutters and doors adorned with a deep shade of blue. The blue echos the blue skies and sea. Azure is a color that matches many other hues very well and it creates a fantastic, eye-catching exterior color.

See more of the garden in Greece

Terra cotta, umber and ocher represent the rich clay and soil of the Mediterranean. These enveloping hues are fantastic for a foyer, as they’ll give your guests a warm welcome.

Allison Cosmos

This color of the space was probably motivated by bougainvillea, a lively flowering plant seen across the Mediterranean region. Blossoms vary from fuchsia to purple and apricot — all brilliant hues for enjoying dialogue and a fantastic meal.


Bright color combos are a tradition in nations. Influenced by sub-Saharan Africans and Arabs, this region offers a kaleidoscope of hues that work in harmony. If you adore vibrant colors, take your inspiration from this part of earth.

Hann Builders

Striking blue Spanish tiles create a superb focal point in this kitchen that is otherwise neutral. From time to time, a rich color works best in tiny doses.

Moorish tiles are frequently utilized in Spanish and Moroccan interiors. These tiles are very colorful and geometric, and they’re able to add a lot of attention to your property. Look beyond your toilet and kitchen to areas like stairs and laundry rooms.

9 Components of Spanish-Revival Kitchens
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Get the Look: Mediterranean Courtyard

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Decor In the Forest and Sea

As we all do our day character walks this summer and pick up interesting stones, feathers, shells, twigs, and maybe even antlers we locate on our way, let’s think about creative ways we can integrate these tiny treasures in our decor, either as temporary reminders of this character outside or inspiration for a permanent fixture.

Jennifer Grey Interiors Design & Color Specialist

The smallest finds are the ones which can easily get lost in the shuffle or look junky. A traditional way to elevate those finds would be to bring a sense of wonder by exhibiting them beneath the glass of a bell jar, otherwise known as a cloche.

An intriguing arrangement in this bell jar stipulates a delicate bird’s nest sitting on small tower of books. The only real nearby provides a relaxed note to the analysis in character.

Jamie Laubhan-Oliver

Some people are turned off my the rustic lodge look of antlers along with the concept that a deer was hunted to display the antlers. In actuality, deer shed their antlers annually so finding one (or purchasing it) is a great coup. Their natural branch like forms are a legitimate celebration of nature’s beauty.

Tall Bell Jar – $48

Cloches come in many sizes, letting you create your own under-glass vignette.

Jayson Home

Vintage antler – $150

In case you haven’t yet discovered a cast-off antler in your hikes, you may even buy one.

Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs

Gather some fine twigs and branches and showing them leaning on a wall. At the home office, these can provide a continuous source of inspiration every time you look up from the job.

Peg Berens Interior Design LLC

Create the feel of a romantic summer’s night with a twinkly golden wall decal in the dining room.

Rebekah Zaveloff | KitchenLab

Nothing is as lovely as a tree. To get a real statement, use a genuine tree trunk as a column. I don’t know this ought to be a load bearing element of your house, but as a design component, it surely packs a punch.


Stark Tree with Birds Decal – $75

Vinyl wall stickers show a tree growing past and behind the furniture. These are temporary and may be peeled off the wall later.


Faux Bois Carpet Tile – $20.99

FLOR produces a interesting line of faux bois rug tiles.

High Fashion Home

Twig Table – $329

A glamorous nature-inspired end table carries on the kinds of golden twigs.

Red Element Design Studio

Sea shells are easy to discover by the sea and look respected in a structured composition of wood square frames. Coupled with the white furniture and sisal flooring, the colors in the room are calming yet controlled.

Signature Design & Cabinetry LLC

Driftwood is just another easy find by the coast. It’s magnificent in a sunburst mirror centered above the mantel.

West Elm

Weathered Wood Hanging Strand | west elm – $19

A driftwood hanging turns weathered wood into a cellphone.


The Silver Sea Silver Plated Shells – Set of 6 with Two’s Company┬« – $159.99

Or add some stunning metal-plated cubes to enliven your desk setting.

Decorate With Beautiful Branches
Upgraded Your Beachy Look
Create a Calming Bath With Natural Materials

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10 Ways Photos Can Make a Room

Photos are a wonderful way to decorate your walls, whether you are into Richard Misrach, Ansel Adams, Margaret Bourke-White, humorous old photographs found at flea markets or displaying the very best shots you took of your vacation or children. There are endless ways to set and arrange them.


One large-scale photograph. This striking landscape overlooks the walls; the skies, clouds, and top of the tree create a strong effect on the color scheme and disposition of the space.

A triptych. If you are a fan of architecture, a triptych of the three favorite buildings makes for an incredibly pleasing wall. Sizes and the frames of this trio makes them more cohesive.

LUX Design

Using architectural graphics from your favorite city is a great way to tie the subject matter jointly.

TEA2 Architects

Here each individual picture in the triptych features one person.

Shoshana Gosselin

A well-composed wall of smaller photographs. Sticking to black and white and utilizing fitting mats and frames ties together the group, regardless of subject matter.

The makeup here alternates vertical and horizontal orientation. The artwork pops against the paint.

Ian Moore Architects

Produce a very long gallery wall. Here the frames have been wrapped perfectly in a row, highlighting the length of the space. Horizontal lines have been further emphasized by the amount of art lights and the very long console on precisely the exact same wall.

John Lum Architecture, Inc.. AIA

Use a picture railing. This shallow shelf retains photographs lined up perfectly along the floor, while heights vary.

Kevin O’Connor Design

Prop it on the counter. Placing a photo on the counter tops and leaning it against the wall adds style to a minimalist kitchen.

Extend the eye up from the headboard: This very low mattress had something to navigate all of that white space between it and the ceiling. By centering this photograph overhead, a point is created.

Give the essay from rhythm. This room has rhythm from audio, from the timber grain, and from the sculptural acoustic . The arrangement of the photographs on the wall includes a rhythm too.

Vanessa De Vargas

Split the glass block. A big expanse of glass block can be an institutional-looking snooze. Why not break it up ?

Amy Lau Design

Produce a view. Lacking a window over your desk? Think about a large landscape photograph. The width of this work is around the same as that of their desk’s, making the proportions pleasing.

20 Great Ways to Show Family Photos
The Right Mat for Your Artwork
New Year’s Resolution: Frame Your Pictures

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The best way to Decorate in Tunisian Design

We frequently learn about layout that is Moroccan. It is loved by folks for its vivid colours as well as patterns. However there exists the same form of decor which gets over looked – Tunisian decor.

There are several likenesses between Moroccan and Tunisian decor. They both feature designs as well as related colours. They function related stuff, with terracotta and olive wood being best picks. The truth is, most exported on the market and of the Moroccan decor things which people purchase nowadays are really produced in Tunisia.

Nevertheless, there are a few minor differences. The Tunisian design is not timid but tends to be somewhat subtler than its Moroccan counterpart. This might allow it to be more easy to include the design to the present day American house.

Following are a few suggestions and ideas for starting to include Tunisian design to your house.

Complex birdcages really are an integral piece of decor that is Tunisian. Look for one with an extremely round bubble-formed top as well as a solid underside for Tunisian fashion that is real.

Amoroso Style

Use and enhance in your kitchen with wood bowls. This can be a typical sight in resort, eatery and the house.

Celia James

Stunning edges created from ornamental tiles are a favorite option for style that is Tunisian. They have been particularly popular in kitchens, bathrooms and pools.

Fine Artwork & Portraits by Laurel

Edges are not the only factor for Tunisian sense in the house that can be done with tiles. Murals are another good solution to incorporate designs and colour in design that is Tunisian.

Golden Associates, Landscape Architects

An erect fountain like this one is perfect for the Tunisian house. Yet, you’d need one that’s 2-grade instead of three-grade and also would probably pick one with cosmetic coloring that is mo Re daring.

Cynthia Taylor-Luce

The octagonal or round ottoman is an essential characteristic of the parlor designed in design that is Tunisian. A star shaped routine will be less unusual than this pie-cut pattern, although.

Eron Johnson Antiques

Hanging lanterns have become popular for houses that are Tunisian. More brassy and more daring colours compared to the ones revealed would be a best choice.

Terra cotta is a favorite option for pots and vases across the Tunisian house.

Amara Premier Rug Resource

Tunisian carpets usually possess a daring pattern with diamond structures worked to the style.

Tunisian decor characteristics blue as a colour that is notable maybe since it’s so typically related to the shore. While Tunisian style is patterned with numerous colours, the most frequently- strong colour that is observed is blue.

Developing a Tablescape

Ah, the tablescape. There is a fine line between a load of mess that is junky as well as a best, David Hicks structure. Here is where to begin in the event you have never been much of an arranger/merchandiser.

Take a great look at your clear area and provide it a good dusting.

Feel about scale and peak and that which you make use of the dining table for. Are you going to need room to get a drink? Does it need a coaster? Does one want the light there?

What does one tend to do in this area? Would you want some of it to keep clear for tasks that are distinct? What are you going to have to keep there/What must be close accessible? Will there be something, or a drilling and clean wall behind it that could use some peak?

a great deal of tablescape arrangement is straightforward learning from mistakes. When you do not enjoy the structure of your things, your eye will learn. Keep moving things about.

Consider fresh blooms. Pick a vase that fits your space as well as your blooms. I find that restricting the arrangement to no more than one species of flowers or branches is more flexible than the usual elaborate arrangement (these are most useful as centerpieces).

Hereis a fast cheat sheet for things that look fantastic on various surfaces.

Mantles: Vase sets, candlesticks, maybe a bust or sculptures. In addition, this is an excellent spot to prop images in preparations that are various.

Beside Table: Begin having a studying lamp. A grin stack of novels you enjoy that are fairly using a little tray on best for glasses or jewellery that once you are previously tucked in, you often take off bed. A cunning little clock (I enjoy the kate spade enamel modest clocks as well as the L.L. Bean Huge Ben traveling clock, to title a few cuties). Yup, you are completed – it was not that difficult. The icing on the cake is a flower in a little vase.

Espresso Table: Clearly, you never need to to dam your see of your visitors or your video. A couple of coffee dining table guides is definitely pleasant, and that I love to maintain oversize retro ashtray or a fantastic carton to carry every one of the remotes that are pesky.

Console Dining Table: Again, candles are excellent on these, along with busts, coral, crops, lamps, maybe a tea support. Because these have a tendency to be more, some semblance of symmetry is excellent on a cabinet that is long.

Your Desk: Personally, I enjoy to maintain my desk as obvious as you possibly can, therefore I often let my small tablescapes function in one small place. At this time it is only an interesting John Derian paper-weight a lamp, a tiny Snow and Graham standing calender, and a little paper journal from Venezia. It is about the things you will love when you pull-up to your own desk, seeing – it could be an image of your pet or a matchbox automobile.

The mo Re you test, the better you will reach making these small arrangements. Here’s how it is being done by some folks well.

Huntley & Co. Interior Style

A pleasant urn of Lilly of the Valley as well as a bust, publications. It is all a a vintage concept that functions nicely together with the Key that is Greek trimming on the curtains.

Here is an ideal approach to do a coffeetable flower arrangement. Not overly tall, flower all one species.

Niche Interiors

This one also!

Contemplate some balance on dresser or an extended cabinet.

Only the best number of material – the branches do not overwhelm the lamp, and viceversa, and my eye goes right to to that glass item.

Here the media console is looked just close to by a fantastic small clock set. The paper lamp that is sculptural seems perfect by it.

Huntley & Co. Interior Style

Nearly everything in this tablescape is fashion. These foo classic brushes and canines match right in using the Chinoiserie type of the area.

Bockman + Forbes Layout

Mass groups and related things.

This bed-side tablescape is perfect.

Cary Bernstein Architect

Experimentation with the way you compose your groups.

LDa Architecture & Insides

By way of example, I truly enjoy the way these go from tallest in the conclusion to shortest toward the center.


This tablescape is focused on feel, along with the the total amount is perfect.

Tracery Interiors

Experiments with feel.

Tracery Interiors

Mirrors are great over a mantel. I really like just how they’ve braced jointly several distinct mirrors here.

Tracery Interiors

Tracery Interiors

Tracery Interiors

At times you may not recognize that the item you currently have can be ordered in a sense that turns it in to artwork. Look with refreshing eyes and request your-self whether it’s it really is a thing that display off and youwant to admire.

Mandi Smith T Interiors