Designing Your Kitchen: How to Select a Sink Size

In addition to picking the best material, mounting kind and number of bowls to your kitchen sink, you’ll need to pick from a variety of size options too. An additional kitchen sink will definitely give you more space for food preparation and cleanup, and you might prefer it on the limits of a bigger sink, however bigger sinks typically cost more and will take up precious property in a little kitchen.

Feeling helpless? Don’t worry. I have pulled together kitchens which feature various sink dimensions, along with tips that will assist you figure out the perfect sink size to your own cooking and cleaning requirements.

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Size your sink into your kitchen. If your kitchen is on the smaller side, consider installing a smaller sink. An oversized, triple-bowl model would have defeated the charming kitchen shown here. This more modest-size single-bowl apron-front sink is large enough to accommodate any kitchen task, but it doesn’t take over the room. Countertop and base cupboard storage areas are likely at a top in a smaller kitchen, therefore a smaller sink may enhance overall function too.

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Size your faucet into the window above it. Homeowners often install kitchen sinks underneath windows, rather a window with a wonderful view. However, some homeowners overlook how these two components work together. Now, that’s not to state your window and sink have to coincide with widths exactly, but it might look odd to have a superwide spout set under a skinny window or vice versa.


Size your sink for a focal point. If you choose to go with an extra-wide sink, it’s going to be hard to disguise it. My advice would be to take the reverse strategy and make your broad sink a focal point. Repurpose an interesting salvaged sink or consider an unusual substance, like copper.

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Size your sink into your budget. This might be evident, but it’s all too easy to fall in love with a massive, stunning, apron-front sink you see on only to discover that it’s priced well above what your budget will allow. Many people can afford to install top-of-the-line materials, fixtures and appliances in a kitchen, so it’s useful to strategize what it is you are going to spend money on and where you could save.

Personally, I’d rather splurge on my countertops or kitchen floor in relation to the sink. In the end, you can find a perfectly nice 20-inch-wide stainless steel undermount sink for under $200. Check out eBay, Craigslist or your local salvage yard or construction material resale shop to get a deal.

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Size your sink based on what you need. If you’re an avid cook who needs hand washing dishes into running the dishwasher, then a massive divided-bowl sink with an integrated drainboard is a great alternative. The wider sink allows multiple individuals to work at the sink without getting in each other’s way, and that built-in drainboard gets the work of draining and air drying dishes of a wet mess.

A sink that this size will need an extra-wide sink cupboard and will take up quite a little space, so it’s best to get a generous-size kitchen. A sink such as this begins at about $900, whereas a smaller, single-bowl version costs about $400.

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Rather than a extra-large double- or triple-bowl sink, think about installing two single-bowl sinks. The bigger sink by the window is excellent for washing large pots and pans, while the smaller prep sink in the island works nicely for hand washing and food prep. Since these sinks have been set aside, a traffic jam in front of the sink is less likely.

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For those who have the space and budget for this, this really is a wonderful set up for a multicook family that does lots of entertaining. Three separate sinks allow several people to work from the kitchen concurrently. Not one of those sinks have to be exceptionally large, but this configuration has got the potential to be expensive because of the duplicate pipes fittings and setup fees.

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Fun-size sinks. I adore these linear sinks. While it’d be hard to wash dishes in among these, they work just fine for pulling a glass of water or dumping out abandoned drinks when the party’s over. You could also fill one with ice and stash cold drinks inside, a wonderful option to keeping an unsightly cooler at the kitchen or having guests hunt through your refrigerator for a cold one. Plus it doesn’t take up much space on the counter tops.

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