The best way to Install a Kick-Down Door Stop

Before you start moving boxes and furniture into your house, consider installing kick-down door stops on any doors that swing closed on their own. Can they make your move simpler, however they will provide you with the choice of seeking to improve air-flow or keeping these doors open if you are entertaining. When you want to maintain a door open, kick the door-stop down therefore the rubber foot braces from the ground fold the door-stop backup and from the solution to permit the door.

Open the door-stop bundle and make certain all of the parts that are required are integrated. The door stop should come with all hardware that is required.

Hold a measuring tape close to the base of the door on the aspect you drive open. Beginning opposite the hinges, in the fringe of of the door with all the door-knob, measure 8″ in horizontally. Using a pencil as well as a straight edge, mark up the measurement using a line in the base of the door to about 7″.

Prop the door open using a brick or other large item. Flip the door-stop down, therefore it’s in its extended position. Center it over the line on the door. Place the rubber foot on the ground, and press the plate from the door. Check to ensure the foot is flat on the ground. Mark the area of the holes on the door with all the pencil.

Set the door-stop a side. Drill pilot holes to the door in the -hole marks.

Position the door-stop contrary to the do or s O the holes fall into line with all the pilot holes you’ve got drilled. Attach the door-stop to the do-or utilizing components that included the product or the screws.

Push the do-or open, and flip the door-stop down. Make certain it holds open the do or firmly and rests on the ground. Unscrew it, should it not and alter it as needed.

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