The Treatment of a Picotee Blue Morning Glory Vine

“Picotee Blue” morningglory, (Ipomoea nil “Blue Picotee”) is an annual summer bloomer ideal for planting in most of Sunset’s Environment Zones. The spectacular blue blooms with white measure just as much as 6″ across. The vine’s star shaped flowers last for only 1 day but are rapidly replaced with new blooms.


“Picotee Blue” morningglory advantages of a 2- to 3 inch layer of mulch, which which will keep weeds under control and retains soil moisture. Organic mulches like dry grass clippings, compost or shredded bark ultimately breakdown, enhancing the standard of the soil.


Morning glory is drought-tolerant but advantages of deep watering the soil is dry. Before the soil is completely saturated water having a hose in the root of the plant, allowing the water run gradually. Avoid infrequent watering. Watering encourages the plant to produce extended roots and guarantees dampness is received by the roots. To avoid fungal and rot dis-ease, water earlier and usually enable the soil.


Feed “Picotee Blue” morningglory every month, utilizing a gentle application of a well-balanced liquid fertilizer. Apply around one quarter to one half the amount suggested on the package. After applying fertilizer, water seriously soon after. Without sufficient moisture, the roots may be scorched by the fertilizer. Rinse fertilizer that lands on the foliage off.


You need to to remove weeds when a layer of mulch is used to morningglory crops although weeds are often difficult. Weeds compete using the “Picotee Blue” for available soil nutrients and moisture. Remove the weeds by cautiously hoeing the very top of the soil or by pulling. Avoid deep cultivation, that might damage the roots of the morning glory’s.


“Picotee Blue” morning-glory vine grows to around 9 feet. Even though the vine can sprawl on the floor, a trellis, arbor, fence or alternative support contained and retains the plant neat. Training the fast growing vine needs merely directing toward where you want them to develop the small tendrils. The vine wraps it self around the assistance.


Deadhead spent morningglory blooms as so-on as they wilt. The blue-and-white picotee blooms go to seed and blooming swiftly declines. Deadhead blooms by pinching them off along with a pair of scissors or your finger-nails. Remove the bloom, combined with the stem, down to bud or another leaf. To avoid re-seeding, pinch the pods that create in late summer off, or minimize down the vine to the bottom. Leave several pods next yr, in the event you want mo-Re vines.

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