Tips to Prevent Car Lockout Situations

We all know how frustrating car lockout situations can be. Standing next to your locked vehicle, which is in perfect working condition, but you’re unable to start and drive it off because you forgot the key will leave you stressed out and confused on what to do. There can be lots of reasons as to why car lockouts happen. You may have misplaced your keys, your car’s central locking system may have malfunctioned, or the key broke inside the door lock. Either way, you need a reliable handyman Anaheim to help you fix the situation.

But before this unfortunate thing happens to you, keep in mind the tips that we have listed below:

How to Secure Your Car Key

Lost car keys are the most common reason for car lockouts. You may get distracted and forget or drop your car key somewhere. In order to reduce the chance of you losing your key, consider implementing a specific measure that’ll allow you to form a habit when it comes to using and keeping your key. One good example is to have a special place in your bag or briefcase that’s only for your car key. You can also attach your key to your handbag or belt.

What a Anaheim handyman would recommend for you to do is to have a single key ring. You should attach objects to the key ring that will make it impossible to lose. It can be a cumbersome object, anything that rattles, or something that’s important to you.

Have a Spare Set of Your Car Keys

Having a spare set of your car keys will not prevent you from getting locked out but it will make the entire situation easier to solve. It’s an excellent idea to leave a spare set in your home or office. Once you find that you have somehow put yourself in a lockout situation, all you have to do is call someone to grab the spare set from where you hid it and bring it over.

Another excellent idea is to provide someone you trust, may it be a close friend or a family member, an additional spare set of your car keys. There are people who are using magnetized key devices that can be attached to their cars. This is not a good idea as it leaves the vehicle vulnerable to tech-savvy car thieves.

Tech at Your Service

There are many types of gadgets available today that are designed to prevent you from losing your keys. Most of them are beepers that will set off using a mobile phone or a remote. Once your key is misplaced and is near you, it’ll be much easier to find. A tip that a handyman Anaheim CA would usually give to car owners is to attach an identification card to the car key chain. If somebody finds it, they will your mobile number on the plate.