How to Buff Scratches on a Plastic Window

Technology has provided producers the capability to produce cost-effective and effective residential windows that take on glass window designs. A window was created to withstand extreme weather problems and weighs half around a glass window of comparable dimensions. However, neither glass nor windows are entirely scratch-resistant. It is possible to buff the area to eliminate the ugly marks when there is a window with small scratches. You will probably need to change the pane in the event the scratch is deep enough to feel with your fingernail.

Wash the window area using a blend of dish soap and water. Wipe the plastic clear using a fabric that is soft, making sure to clear the areas that are scratched. Avoid using abraisive cleaners and paper towels that may potentially harm the plastic area.

Dispense a tiny amount of a brass cleaner, containing ammonium hydroxide and petroleum distillate, onto a micro-fiber fabric that is soft. Squeeze several drops of brass cleaner and rub the scratch utilizing a round buffing movement. The cleansing compound fills tiny cracks, as well as the area is buffed by the mild rubbing movement.

Wipe brass cleaner using a clean cloth off. Re apply the brass cleaner in the event the scratch is noticeable as you rub the compound to the plastic, and use a tiny amount of stress. Continue the buffing movement before the scratch disappears.

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