The best way to Prevent Book-Shelves From Sliding

Maybe you are too familiar with slipping and sliding furniture in the event that you have got wood, laminate, tile or concrete floors. Although sliding chairs, tables and ottomans are a nuisance, a slippery book shelf puts your cherished volumes and breakable knickknacks – as nicely as any animals or children standing under them – at risk. Fortunately, it is possible to utilize a number of choices that are simple to keep your book shelf securely in place.

Place furniture grippers – also called furniture grip pads – below the four corners of the bottom of the book shelf. Place one, in case your book shelf has legs. These round or rubber disks, typically ranging from 2 to 8″ in diameter, improve the adhesion of the shelf to the ground and guard hard-wood surfaces. Generally, it is possible to use home scissors to trim grippers to to match. Furniture grippers can be found by you at online stores, as well as home improvement, furniture and shops.

Put a rug pad underneath the underside of the book shelf. Unlike furniture grippers, the pad should protect the whole region – or almost the whole region – of the shelf’s under side. Measure width and the length of the bottom of the shelf, and trim the pad with household scissors to dimension. Move the shelf, lay down the pad in its location, and raise the shelf on the pad. To get a bit of style, you place the shelf on the rug and can put an attractive rug on the pad.

Turn to do it-yourself remedies to save a little cash or repurpose family products. When cut in to pieces and put placed directly under each corner of a book shelf, practically any type of slim rubber mat – including bathtub mats and sink liners – will assist keep the furniture safe. Alternatively, you are able to use drawer liners and rubber cupboard in the sam-e style as rug pads to stop your your book shelf from sliding.

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