The best way to Cap an Outside Faucet

All outside taps — called “hose bibs” in the irrigation career — are created with male threading to to allow for a hose fixture, making capping them extremely easy. The caps are threaded, making them easy for many people to use. Ensure it is equipped using a plastic or rubber washer and you’ve a cap of the appropriate dimensions for the faucet. In the event that you surf with this product on the web, use “hose bib cap” as your search phrase, as this is the proper title for the system. Capping is a dependable quick-fix to get one that will not stop dripping or a faucet using a damaged valve.

Turn the valve, or the primary water supply in the event the valve is damaged off.

Place the washer in the hose bib protect.

Screw the hose bib cover onto the end of the faucet and turn it clockwise until it’s finger-tight.

Turn the cap about 1/8 inch —

Turn the water that is primary again on if you’d it off and examine to find out whether the cap is leaking. In that case, tighten the cap a bit a lot more to see if the leak is stopped by that. In case it continues to leak, the washer might not be thick enough to give a total seal to you.

Turn off the water, unscrew the cap in in the event the cap continues to leak, and place a 2nd washer.

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