The best way to Tighten Blinds

Roller shades or spring-roller blinds can loosen over time. When this occurs, the blinds can not hang limply in the window and retract all of the way up, or you also might struggle together with the roller to get it to pull up all of those other blinds. The spring on the the inside of the roller causes loose blinds being knocked from place during delivery or loosening during use.

Pull your blinds down half-way.

Pick out the roller blinds from the mounting brackets. Roll the blinds back-up so that it wraps across the tube. The roller blinds to the brackets.

Test when the spring roller is tightened the blinds to find out. The spring could be stuck if it’s not.

Unroll the blinds half-way and take them off from the brackets. Grip the pinon the spring conclusion of the blinds with pliers till it tightens and change the pin clock-wise. Slowly change the pin counter-clockwise before the mechanism on the the inside of the roller-blind catches and retains it in place. Roll the blinds backup, winding the blinds across the spring tube.

Reinstall the blinds back. Pull down the shade and tug on it to see whether the blinds retract. If they do, the blinds have been tightened by you.

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